Scholastic Easter Holiday Reads

Reads for the Month thanks to Scholastic
Hayley is now at the age where she can read confidetally alone. She was actually praised at her school and was the most advanced reader in prep last year. When she did testing she was at the highest grading for a Grade 3 student and she was just in prep! 
I love hearing Hayley read and when she gets stuck on a word, which isn’t very often. She will work on it herself and sound it out until she can figure it out on her own accord- never once has she asked me to help her with words. 
So I leave the reading to her now, and she even reads to her sister before bed- it is the sweetest thing to see and listen to. 
The 5 books we have picked for this month are: 

Alice In Wonderland  $24.99

This is a version of the much loved classic Tale about when Alice enters Wonderland.
The art inside this book is absolutely flawless and just a real treat to look at, I am glad Hails can now read so I can really appreciate the artwork. 

On its 150th anniversary in 2015, Lewis Carroll’s tale of a world gone topsy-turvy gets a unique picture book retelling of the beginning of Alice’s journey.

Our Love Grows $16.99

Madison is usually good when it comes to reading and will wait until you read many words before being able to turn the page.  Sometimes though she gets wrestles and wants to force the page to turn before you finish reading. 
This book is perfect in those situations as there are single sentences on each page, in not too confusing advanced English language as well.

Our Love Grows is about a little Panda that is taught by his Mummy Panda how as the years go by he will grow up, but how as he grows so will his Mum’s love for him and vice versa. 
I love books like this that teach the kids to express their feeling and helps to teach them the meaning of life but in a different more enjoyable way!

Little Barry Bilby had a fly upon his nose $19.99

Is a cute rendition of little Peter Rabbit has a fly upon his nose, which holds a very personal place in my heart. My grandma who tragically died many years back used to sing this to me as a child with the actions and all, so I like to share this with my girls as much as possible. 
Also being a Bilby this is putting an Australian touch on the old song, which I also love.

All the Aussie bush bugs come to annoy Bilby and his friends. 
Now with Easter pretty much knocking on the door I thought I would throw a couple of Easter themed books into the mix. 

Ten Easter Eggs $12.99

Madison love, love, loves this book and always asks either Hayley or myself to read it to her as she loves watching all the little eggs hatch.

This book has like pop up eggs on the front and as you turn the pages the eggs hatch to reveal who was hiding in the egg. Each one has a different chick under it, and when you touch them they have a fuzzy feel to them.

Those Pesky Rabbits $24.99

Although not a traditional Easter book, it still contains rabbits and where there are rabbits there are sure to be Easter Eggs in April J
This book is about a bear who gets some pretty pesky neighbours in the form of rabbits. All bear wants to be is left alone but the neighbours have different plans for him.

He gets very grumpy and angry at the rabbits and scares them off, but then feels really bad about it. I love this book and think it is such a sweet book about introducing guilt to the kids. 
Well that is us for the month with our Scholastic Reads. What are your favourite Easter books to read if any at all?