Spotlight Craft Month with Kids Business

Spotlight Event

When I was younger I was all for scrapbooking and could do it for hours on end and even until night turned into daylight. But since having kids I haven’t had too much time for that and well lets be honest I don’t expect a 6 and a 3 year old to like something complex like that.

Buttttt they love their craft and creating things, which I then love being able to put around the house and look back on. It turns my house into a home and gives it that personal feeling.

Me on the other hand is now addicted to Pinterest and I am forever jumping into bed and going through all the amazing crafts and do’it-yourself home deco’s. I then go on to screen shot them and hopefully one day get the time to make them.

Spotlight is an amazing place to start for those who love their craft as there is everything and anything you could ever need in there, and even a place to walk through to get some inspiration.

Kids Business put on an event for bloggers to introduce them and give them a taster of the Spotlight Nation Craft Month, which will be running through the month of March.

For the entire month of March Spotlight will be hosting various in store festivals with activities, discounts and project sheets in every store across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Whether you’re a sewer, knitter, scrap booker, cake decorator or enjoy beading, quilting, crocheting or kids craft, Spotlight will have everything you need to ‘get your craft on’ this March.

On the day we were taken to a very exclusive rooftop location in South Melbourne where we were treated to many stations of different products and hands on activities.


I couldn’t help myself and had to head to the cake decoration station as I have recently gotten into making cakes for my family members. So any knowledge I can take on board when it comes to the next cake will be perfect.

Here I learnt how to make a grass like effect on the cupcakes, and also some inspirations for some super cute Easter cupcakes.

I didn’t realise how extensive Spotlight’s cake making range was and couldn’t help myself but duck into store to stock up before I left for the day.


Like I said above I am quite addicted to the craft section on Pinterest so I was all for these stands.

I am not too sure if this would come under art and craft but I was taught by the best how to make a tassel the fancy way and put it together to create a bracelet. I didn’t realise how easy this was and cannot wait to add a little something extra to my scarfs at home.

There were also porcelain, glass and fabric paints and pens on display, which I thought would make for some fantastic gift ideas. This Christmas we are actually going to gift everyone with a personalised coffee mug thanks to the girls!

Madison getting in on the t-shirt making action (with the help of Mummy).

I also fell head over heels for the tie dying kits, and couldn’t believe I didn’t know a kit like this existed let alone available here in Australia. Then when I found out we were given a kit in my goodie bag, I whipped it out, found a white tee and went straight to tie dying it.


As I also said above in my younger years scrapbooking played a major role in my creative side and I often found myself working away on different projects in my scrapbook (which I still have and am very proud of!) To be able to see what is new on the market and to rekindle my love for scrapping was a fantastic opportunity.

A new product that is also rolling out into Spotlight store over the coming weeks is make it yourself Light Letters. You know those pretty d├ęcor lights that remind you of Hollywood only they are in letters of the alphabet.

In my goodie bag I was given the letter Z so will have to figure out what I do with this or who I shall give it to.


This is one form of craft that never really appealed to me, and whenever I need something sewed or like the idea of something I take a V-line straight to my mum who is the sewing machine Queen.

I was so surprised though with the Quilt making products and thought how awesome it would be to be able to make the girls their own personalised quilts each. I am actually tempted to take the plunge and get into it.
At the event there was two main sewing stations one for children and the other for the adults.

The adults one taught you to use a sewing machine and make little embellishments and personalise clothing. I also walked away with a little kit to hand sew my own little PJ string bag, which I will have a crack.

The Kids area that kept Madison very pre-occupied.

The kid’s station was a new pink sewing machine that is designed for kids and doesn’t use a needle and is very safe. You do have to use felt though, but I still think it was a great idea for kids who would be interested.

Madison sitting like a statue while having her face painted :-) 

It is really fun to think that all these activities and more can be found throughout March in Spotlight stores as well as Free demonstrations.

Further more there are a few hub stores throughout Australia and New Zealand that will go even further with their National Craft Month and will have even in depth demonstrations and activities. These are the National hub stores-

·   VIC - Frankston, Fountain Gate & Maribyrnong
    NSW - Lidcombe, Penrith, Queanbeyan
    SA  - Noarlunga, Gepps Cross
    QLD - Everton Park & Ashmore
    TAS - Hobart, Launceston & Burnie
    WA - Melville, Cannington, Joondalup
    NZ – Dunedin, Mt Wellington, Hamilton, Palmeston Nth

I think Madison gives her tick of approval on this program as well. 

I am so glad to have been invited to this event just so I could re light that flame for craft in my life. I am in the midst of creating a list of things we are going to do craft wise and then take it further in March with a weekly craft task for the girls to see what they come up with.

Join me in getting crafty this month.