Vetta Pasta Recipe

Having European running through my veins and growing up around pasta and those based dishes it is something I am very passionate about and will continue to cook until I am old and fragile just like my Nonna.

For a long time now I have been working to reproduce a duplicate of her goulash and pasta, and only now have I come close (still work to be done though). This is a dish that everyone I know has eaten and walked away wanting to learn how to make it. The rich sauce and beef that melts in your mouth. But this dish would not be complete without the perfect pasta, and this important ingredient can either make or break a dish.

Until being sent a care package I had never used Vetta before, and had only really heard of the name. So when I found out I was being sent some of their newish High Fibre products I was excited.

Vetta's high fibre products take place on the market as the only products to provide consumers with a high fibre option that looks and tastes the same as standard pasta. Healthier for you, with the same great premium taste as standard pasta, it should be no surprise to hear Vetta's high fibre products rank most popular in the range.
Fibre is a key component to any eating plan. With an average Australian family consuming a pasta meal twice a week, Vetta products make it easy to increase your family's fibre intake without changing the taste of your favourite pasta recipes. Vetta high fibre products are also a great way for parents to increase their child's fibre intake, without the added stress of trying to changing what they eat.

Large Spiral Pasta

Some people may say to avoid pasta while on a diet as it is this and that, but I have been eating pasta and brown rice and still loosing weight these past 3 months. Plus generally pasta meals are quick and easy so a lot of families turn to the trusty pasta range.

Vetta has quite an extensive range of high fibre products such as:

High Fibre Spaghetti #1
High Fibre Spaghetti #5
High Fibre Angel Hair #6
High Fibre Fettuccini #12
High Fibre Corkscrews
High Fibre Penne Rigate #2
High Fibre 3 Min Rollini
High Fibre Large Spirals #53

The pasta I want to focus on today is the High Fibre Large Spirals #53. Before using this in my pasta dish I didn’t really purchase any larger sized pasta, as I had grown up with either bows or penne and had thought that biggest pasta would just be too much of a mouthful. But it turns out that you need less pasta in your bowl and it is easier to eat and looks great to- the sauce also soaks into all the crevices making it full of flavour.

Now down to the recipe.

Nonna’s Goulash Served with Vetta High Fibre Large Spirals.

Goulash ingredients-
500g diced beef
1 jar of good quality organic pasta sauce
1 large diced brown onion
1 Tsp coconut oil
Sprig of Rosemary
Pinch of Italian parsley
½ tsp sweet paprika
½ tsp maple syrup
1 tsp Vegeta
1 clove crushed garlic

1: Put your coconut oil into a pot and then add diced brown onion into the pan and brown off without burning.
Then add in your beef and brown off.
2: Once beef has been browned off add in your herbs, vegeta, garlic and sauce. Cook for 2-3 hours until the beef is tender and breaks away.
3: Then add the maple syrup, remove the rosemary and serve overtop of pasta. It is just that easy!

I absolutely loved using Vetta High FIbre Large Spirals, and couldn’t believe how quickly they cooked and how they melted in your mouth. I will be purchasing these again and creating more dishes.

Another Vetta Pasta I cannot wait to get using is the Vetta Smart Pasta High Protein Low Carb Spirals- perfect for those gym days to feed my muscles and help my hips. Apparently it has the same great taste as regular pasta but with 50% more protein, 25% less carbs, it is also high in fibre and 97% fat free.