San Churro Winter Menu 2014

As the days get shorter and cooler, Australians dial down their social activities to retreat inside with thoughts turning to solo pursuits and comfort foods like chocolate! Luckily, San Churro, Australia’s leading chocolate cafĂ© and purveyors of Spanish couverture chocolate, provides the perfect sanctuary for people to escape the winter chill and catch up with friends while indulging their cold weather chocolate cravings with a range of decadent chocolate desserts and hot drinks.
If there was one thing I like Winter for it is being able to warm up and dive into a world of chocolate at San Churro- other then that, give me Summer any day!! I won't lie I did feel guilty for walking into here with my fitness progress in full swing, but on the other hand I treated myself as I am going so well with it all and have already lost 5 kgs and many cm's- but I did work extra hard in the gym that night.

We have had a friend come over from England and stay with us for the week, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to visit our local San Churro and show the chocolate lover a world she has never known. When I say our local I mean the Highpoint store, and before I go on I need to commend the amazingly, friendly staff who were so helpful and informative; not to mention patient as we ummed and ahhed the menu over haha.

San Churro is in the midst of their Winter Menu prime, and the place was packed with more then delicious items on the table- and of course people to enjoy the products.
We sat down in the corner, unbuttoned out jeans and waited for the chocolate heaven to be delivered to our table- ok so maybe the jeans did stay buttoned up, but by the end of it  I wish I had worn something less constricting; and possibly a bib haha.

Jen and I enjoyed a Shared Tapas plate, which pretty much sampled a little bit of everything San Churro had to offer on their menu. My favourite would have to have been the Spanish donuts, which is what San Churro is pretty much known for. While Jens favourite were the Deep Fried chocolate truffles, which are like a chocolate volcano eruption in your mouth upon first bite.

Madison on the other hand had super cute children’s tapas, which had Spanish Donuts and chocolate/ sprinkle dipping sauce. Madison had a ball and made a mess while she was at it!
Then for drinks I think I should have just stuck with water, but noooooo I HAD to go and try a El Grande Malt Balls- and OH MY GOD I need this in my life FOREVER!! It is like what I would imagine the Willy Wonka chocolate river and fountain to taste like in the old school movie- nothing short of amazing!

The new range of El Grande Spanish Hot Chocolates ($6.95), are the ultimate hot chocolate indulgence. Made to a traditional Spanish recipe, these hot chocolates are rich, thick and super indulgent, served with your choice of toppings - marshmallows, crushed malt balls or chocolate biscuit crumble. These truly unique hot chocolates will leave you singing “arriba!” for winter.
The 37 San Churro cafes around Australia provide a vibrant social hub where family and friends can escape the cold and bond over a shared experience and delicious chocolate themed food and beverage.

We loved our experience and I know for a fact I shall return, I will find someone else to enjoy the chocolate coma I walked out in that day.