Lifestyle and Fitness Update (Body Transformation)


So today marks the 3month mark on my body and lifestyle transformation, and I won’t lie it has been hard and there have been quite a few hurdle but to my amazement I have over come every single one of them and still hold my head high.

I was really reluctant to post a photo of what I looked like in the flesh, and what I used to hide under layers of baggy clothes. But then I also thought, I would post them because this would push me to change how I look and let the world know under the layers there is a part of me who didn’t like who I had become.

Being a mum it was always about taking the short cuts with meals, and never did I make time for myself- When you become a Mum the priorities change. I also became comfortable with using the excuse that I had housed two babies and yada yada, but this soon became a joke even to myself.

One day after attending the fitness expo and seeing all the fit and toned people around me, I just wanted to change; like a switch was flicked. From here my transformation began.

I started with walking Hayley to and from school and making some tiny diet changes. Then once I learnt to change some of our beloved meals into healthy alternatives that even the kids could eat, I knew this was the moment my life would change.

Then my sister introduced me to the gym, and once I set foot in there you could not (and still cannot) get me out of there. I have even gone on to begin studying PT and weight and nutrition with my sister!!

Having a supportive partner that was more then happy to jump on board and join in on my journey made the transition all the more worthy and easier. I am so proud of Matt and him having already lost a total of close to 9kg now in the 3 months ☺

Any way so my diet has had a rapid change as you would have noticed if you follow me on instagram @threebeesblog. I have gone from massive parmas and chips to naked chicken and vegetables (ok, maybe not that boring but still delicious none the less).

So far in my 3 months I have lost 7kg’s and still loosing it. But more then anything I have noticed the cm’s I have lost here and there. But truth be told I am my biggest critic when it comes to my body and when I look in the mirror I just see imperfections that need to be fixed.

I will let you be the judge!