Everloc Bathroom Organisation

Vent moment: When you jump in the shower and lather on shaving foam on one leg then shave that leg. Then you put your shaver up on the soap holder, next minute it falls to the ground and the head falls off. The amount of times this has happened to me I cannot even count on my fingers and toes. It stresses me out and makes life harder, and has even cut my fingers open trying to put my shavers head back on with wet hands- and razor cuts are my one phobia.

But thankfully this never, EVER has to happen to me again thanks to Everloc and their genius creation- the solutions shaver holder. This is also great for those who don’t want to screw things into their bathroom tiles, or for those who are renting and aren’t aloud to screw things into their tiles as they secure with a suction cup.

I know a lot of you may be thinking that this whole suction cup wont last and hold. But it has a label on the front of the box stating- consistent load bearing ability, it also says it can hold up to 8kg. Now unless you have one huge bottle of shaving cream and a solid gold shaver then there is no way you will get close to the 8kg’s. I have had this in my shower for just over 2 weeks now and not once has the unit budged let alone fallen off.

As you can see in the photos this unit has a place to keep your shaving cream, and then below that there is a ring to drop your shaver through without falling. I have tried every brand of shaver in my house, being a blogger that is almost all of them. And every single one fits without a problem as the design is perfect on the unit.

So I will touch base a little more on Everloc:

Sold in over 70 countries around the world, Everloc products require NO tools, NO drilling, and NO screw-driving when installing and will leave NO damage on surfaces, which is ideal for families who rent, DIY dads (and mums!) and anyone keen to keep a contemporary on-trend look to their home by updating regularly. Everloc boasts a plethora of products to suit your individual requirements from Hair Straightener Holders (genius idea!) to Towel Rings to Bathroom Shelves(great for toothbrush and soap storage) to Shower Caddys so you can stow your shampoos and toiletries neatly and attractively. There is even a Shaver Holder for Dad (great idea for Father’s Day!). There are three unique ranges: the Premium Endure range constructed using premium rust resistant stainless steel, the sleek and stylish Solutions range which offers a fresh contemporary design and the affordable Push n’ Loc range for all your bathroom necessities.
YEEHAW to a organized bathroom J I cannot wait to add to my Everloc collection- the hair straightener holder is the main product I have my eyes on!