ESSENSITY from Schwarzkopf Professional REVIEW

Pssst wanna know the secret behind Megan Fox’s amazing locks?
Look no further than the range that hairdresser to Megan Fox, Amber Dawn, trusts to colour her red-carpet ready locks -  ESSENSITY from Schwarzkopf Professional! With no artificial fragrances, silicones, sulfates*, parabens paraffin or mineral oils, Schwarzkopf Professional’s Essensity range has been reinvigorated for 2014 to not only prolong your colour, but to give your hair four times more care and smoothness. The new care range supports the Essensity in-salon colour range, and if it’s good enough for Megan Fox, it’s good enough for me.
Megan Fox is one of my Chick Crushes and ALWAYS has her hair in immaculate condition- and I am beginning to think she just wakes up in the morning looking that amazing (haha).

The main reason I fell in love with this range is not due to the fact Megan Fox’s hair dresser trusts these products with her hair (although it comes close), but due to the fact that it comes with a committed “free from” philosophy and using natural and organic ingredients such as Pomegranate and Aloe Vera together with fair-trade Marula oil, the Essensity range effectively replaces the lost lipids of the hair and seals the cuticle for a high care, and extreme anti-fade colour protection.
Available in two categories, Color & Repair and Color & Moisture, the range is designed to take care of coloured and damaged hair, naturally. The Essensity Color & Repair range delivers intensive care for damaged, porous coloured hair, and the Essensity Color & Moisture products provide deep moisture for normal to dry coloured hair. In addition, all care products are sulfate free, and use only 100% natural fragrance - fragrance that has been specially blended for the range and based on the biggest international natural fragrance trends.  To begin with I was not a massive fan on the scent as I am a girl that loves her hair smelling amazing all the way up until the next wash. I wouldn’t say the smell is unpleasant, but its not strong and smells a lot like green tea. Buttttt having said that after using the products on my hair, I would much prefer the way my hair was left feeling then the way it smells.
With hints of Mediterranean flowers and bursts of citrus, discover a beautiful and essential hair care solution and give your hair real colour protection, high shine and pure softness - the natural way.
Unfortunately you will not be able to get your mits on this product until September, but it is very much worth the wait.
ESSENSITY Color & Moisture: care for colored normal to dry hair
Using Marula oil, green tea and organic aloe vera, products in the Color & Moisture range provide deep moisture as well as effective color protection.
Color & Moisture Sulfate-free Shampoo and Conditioner 200ml and 250ml / RRP $29.95
The PEG and sulfate-free formula cleanses normal to dry hair and seals the cuticle, adding moisture to the hair and making it soft and manageable. 

The rinse-out conditioner restores the hair’s lost lipids. The rich, creamy, and moisturising formula of the rinse out conditioner is rapidly absorbed by the cuticle to replace lost lipids and smooth hair without weighing it down. 

For me this combo took a little to warm up to as I am all about yummy smelling hair and having only natural additives I felt there was no strong scent or even any scent at all once washing your hair. And I would have pictured Megan Fox walking by and getting a waft of amazing smelling hair. But after using this 3 times and seeing how much my hair appreciated the lack of chemicals I thought I would much prefer to sacrifice smell for lush locks.
Color & Moisture Intense Treatment 200ml / RRP $29.95
This deep-acting intense hair mask adds moisture to normal and dry hair, and restores softness and smoothness even to rough, brittle and untameable hair. 

And just when I thought using the conditioner could not have made my hair feel any better, this little bad boy knocks it out of the ball park. I LOVE this stuff and could almost swear by it now, I have never loved running my fingers through my hair as much as when I use this. There is one little thing I would point out, it to not use this more then once a week as your hair WILL become oily- trust me I learnt the hard way with this one. I thought maybe if I used it with every wash then my hair would be super silky and healthy, but I was mistaken- the intense treatment IS intense! 
Color & Moisture Spray Conditioner  200ml / RRP $29.95
The leave-in conditioner coats each strand without weighing the hair down. It forms a protective shield against harmful external influences and prevents colour from fading.

The Spray conditioner also makes for a great detangler when brushing your hair, so I found out! This is a light formula and will not weight your hair down like other out on the market, well it didn't for me anyway! 

I am not sure if it was the overload on the essensity product or not though, but after a week and a little I noticed I was getting dry skin on my head, or dandruff but I am not sure what it was due to. 
For myself I used the shampoo twice as my hair tends to get quite oily now with gym, then followed with some conditioner. I left this in my hair until I finished washing my body and then rinsed. I then applied the intense treatment, threw my hair in a bun and continued to shave my legs and whatnot and rinsed this out (about 5 minutes).
Once I had towel dried my hair I used 4 sprays of the moisture spray conditioner and then blow dried my hair, I was done and my hair has never felt as it did that night.