Dove Invisible Dry REVIEW

One thing I hate more then being a women that has to spend hours if not more then a day to get ready and prepare herself for a night out is the moment you slip on that little black dress and you discover the white tracks down a part of the dress thanks to your stupid deodorant. I have even avoided putting it on until I am dressed and then maneuver my way in and try to spray lightly, but even then I can be left with white rings, so it is like playing Russian roulette.
So when I saw the new invisible dry anti-white marks deodorant by DOVE, I knew this is something worth trying. Now it does say on the can that it has been tested on 100 colours, but I had to do some lab work myself. I sprayed the deodorant on a black top, red top and blue top which all tend to be my problem colours. To my surprise not a single mark was left at all, nothing, zilch, ZERO!!!
Dove Invisible Dry Aerosol RRP $5.35

Also available in: Dove Invisible Roll On RRP $3.89

I was sent the dry aerosol to use as I really am not a fan on roll on deodorants and cannot stand the wet sloppy feeling of them not to mention the thought of germs and sweat contaminating the roley bit haha. 

I love the fragrance of this deodorant as it is so elegant and doesn’t choke me at gym like some others do. Whilst it doesn’t leave any marks on clothes, it contains all the goodness of Dove inclusing its unique ¼ mousturising cream, which also helps skin repair itself from the damage caused by shaving.
What other reasons do you need for trying this baby out?