Psst.. Blogger Secrets of the Trade

Blogger benefits-  A guide to sites and programs every blogger should know about, and needs to know about.

I have found quite a few hidden gems in my blogging journey and have found a pile of resources I think every blogger should know about. I used to be the one who plays her cards close to heart but these selected few sites are too good not to share with other Bloggers/Vloggers!

A Perfect place to apply for review products and events-
Social Callout helps bloggers and social media influencers connect more easily with brands and businesses..
Brands post targeted callouts to engage with social media influencers and, if you find the callout appealing, you connect directly with the brand/business.
So if you’re a mummy blogger you’ll receive callouts only from brands/businesses in categories you’re specifically interested in.
If you love sport and have a large Twitter following, you won’t be receiving callouts from fashion companies. But you might get an offer for tickets to the World Cup.

A Bloggers MUST HAVE
This is a fantastic site that contains everything from a PR’s and event diary to callouts and product samples available. If you are looking to expand your contacts and get your blog out there, this is an amazing resource. But having all these contacts at your fingertips will come with a price tag for everyday bloggers like myself!

If you are looking for new products to review or advertising then this is for you-
Nuffnang is the world's leading blog advertising community, for people who share the passion for blogging like we do! Our community currently reaches out to more than 300,000 bloggers in 8 countries and regions - Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and United Kingdom.
At Nuffnang, bloggers generate income through blog ads placed by various brands, and become part of a close-knit community through a vast range of exclusive events and contests we organize and support, especially for you. A community for bloggers by bloggers, Nuffnang strives to keep the local blogosphere growing.

My one stop shop for everything beauty including contacts-
beautydirectory is a members-only website for Australian beauty journalists and industry insiders. An invaluable resource, it is a database of thousands of products and has a comprehensive media and PR directory.

An American based site but I have been sent things from here-
BrandBacker is the fastest growing blogger, vlogger and influencer network online. We connect brands who want to get exposure on blogs and social networks to over 7,000 bloggers looking for opportunities. BrandBacker helps brands reach millions of new customers and influencers while tracking every read, click, share, like, tweet, reblog & more. Thousands of people read and interact with content created through BrandBacker everyday.

The name really says it all for this one-
Brand Meets Blog is a blogger outreach agency that provides a range of dedicated services to brands and bloggers who want to achieve exceptional results online.

So this is not really a blogger site, but is great to get your hands on the hottest new products and giving them a whirl-
So, do you like…stuff?
Good, then you should fit in fine round here. The Social Soup community is all about getting involved in stuff; trying it, sharing it and feeding back on what you thought of it.

Same, same but different-
Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) provides an opportunity 
for you to take control by harnessing the power of savvy consumer influencers to create thousands of authentic conversations and recommendations about your brand, product or service. These powerful conversations translate to credible on & offline exposure, invaluable evergreen online content and lead to direct sales 
and long-term brand advocacy.

I hope this brings you fellow bloggers some help and even new opportunities J Please feel free to add your sites that every blogger/vlogger should know about!

I will keep adding to this as more come to mind! 

Xxx Enjoy