Silvers Circus Review and GIVEAWAY

Roll Up, Roll Up, Come one Come all to one of Australia’s BEST circuses according to the 3B’s families and many others as well. This circus is none other then one of Australia’s well known circuses Silvers Circus.

Last year I went to a circus (and I don’t want to name and shame) but was VERY let down and didn’t remember going to a circus as a child so cruddy. This was the turning off point for me with circuses along with the fact that I hate circuses with zoo animals.

First I was quite surprised that their snacks were fairly reasonable and ended up spoiling the girls with popcorn, fairy floss and a soft drink as they have been oh so good with our healthy lifestyle change.

From the get go we were pretty much left in ore and sitting on the edge of our seat wanting more. The girls cracked themselves up with the clowns, and Hayley had no idea how the illusionist made girls disappear and doves turn into ladies (I will admit though, even after watching illusionist shows on tv this guy was bloody good.)

One act that really sticks in my head though it the High Wire act. Now not one of the guys wore harnesses or any support, so it they were to fall it is the ground that would greet them and they weren’t close to the ground. Which made things all the more scarier, and I sat there covering my eyes and even had to remind myself to breathe. The performer at the end even went as far to get on stilts and walk across the wire, but as he made it to the half way point he slipped and came so close to falling right off the wire. The ring leader was in shock and the music stopped. The performer then composed himself and walked slowly back to the platform, you could literally see the sweat dripping off his face to the ring. I thought he would have been a normal person climb down the ladder and call it a day, but nope who was I kidding?! He pulled himself together and the show went on, crossing it without a hiccup and a massive roar to celebrate the completion of the task he just performed. And I cheered as I could finally open my eyes and breathe again.

Another act that had me on the edge of the seat is the Wheel Of Steel. Two men literally in a wheel of steel with no support nothing performing like guinea pigs in their wheels. If that wasn’t enough of a nail biter the men then went to the outside of the ring and began running the outside with skipping ropes and even a blind fold- bloody scary!!

Hayley’s favourite act was the AFL dogs, and you know it is an Australian circus when AFL is included! This was the only form of animals in the circus, and they looked like they were actually enjoying themselves and were probably pets off the stage.

Lastly there was Madison’s favourite, the hoola hoop gypsy. Madison loves hoola hooping so had to pick her jaw up off the ground when this amazing lady was swinging a body full of hoola hoops around.  And then at the end of the act she had three assistants throw them at her and kept the hoola hoops going around her body from her knees up.

Here is a list of more details on our favourite acts as well as more you can see from Silver’s Circus:

·        NEW ACT!!! Wheel of Steel. Two young men with nerves of Steel, Dominik Gasser and Ramon Kathriner, run, jump, skip and flip through a routine of sheer physical ordacity, just as the apparatus they challenge defies description. Its wheels osolate and revolve from group level to dizzying heights. This spectacle will leave you chewing your nails and squirming in your seats! The Wheel of Steel…. (for strong constitutions only!!)
·        The Globe of Death. The world famous Phoenix Riders speed around inside a 3-1/2 meter diameter metal globe
on motorbikes, missing each other by mere millimetres.
·        Hire Wire ActIt’s electrifying. Watch as the artist uses his talents to bravely step out into thin air on a silver wire thread high above the circus arena.
·        Hoola HoopsUp to 80 hoola hoops at once are managed while a balancing act is taking place upon a mobile mirror ball all at the same time
·        ClownsExpect the unexpected.  This act is guaranteed to tickle the funny bone
·        The Roman Rings. A very unique act which is performed with extreme strength and elegance. Little girls will be amazed by the beauty and grown men in awe of the control and physicality.
·         Australia’s only football playing dogsThe incredible AFL playing footy dogs are the latest high impact sensation at Silvers Circus.  Boxer dogs are the natural clowns and acrobat’s of the canine world and will bring tears of joy and gasps of entertainment from every member of the audience.
·        Illusionist.  Ringmaster Simon Tait has over 25 years’ experience in circus and will mesmerise the audience with his celebrated illusions and audience repour.

Unfortunately the show we went to in Craigieburn is closing this weekend, but the good news is you can catch their last two shows in Nunawading and then Richmond.

Location:             Burvale Hotel, Cnr Springvale Rd and Burwood Hwy, Nunawading
Dates:                   Wednesday 20 August to Sunday 14th September
Tickets:                Ticketmaster 136 100 or
call the circus direct on 0413 880 044 or 0413 844 241
Prices:                  Adults $30, $35 or $40  Child (3-12 years) $20, $25 or $30 
Pensioners/Students $25, $30 or $35

Location:             Burnley Oval, 4 The Boulevard, Richmond
Dates:                   Wednesday 17th September to Sunday 12th October
Tickets:                Ticketmaster 136 100 or
call the circus direct on 0413 880 044 or 0413 844 241
Prices:                  Adults $30, $35 or $40  Child (3-12 years) $20, $25 or $30 
Pensioners/Students $25, $30 or $35

Established in 1976, Silvers Circus provides world class family entertainment and fun. With extraordinary artists continually arriving from all parts of the world, Silvers are proud of the ever changing program they are able to present.    The 2 hour action packed performances, featuring Ringmaster and Master of Illusions, Simon Tait will include:

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So Welcome to Silvers world of spectacular family entertainment. There is no other circus like Silvers Circus.
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