Spring Carnival // Priceline Raceday Essentials

Raceday Essentials From Priceline Pharmacy

- Gel Foot Inserts ( one word I've never heard a single female say after 4 hours on my feet "geez these stilettos are comfy". There's no way to avoid it but with a comfy gel insert will prolong the wear that little bit more. 

-Panadol (sun on the head all day, loud, lots of drinking bubbles and beer. Then all of a sudden bam I have a headache, a pounding, annoying one. Panadol lives in my bag permanently as I need these when my feet hurt, my head hurts and pretty much everything in between) 

- Hydralyte (this was an absolute must of mine during the Caulfield Cup as it was sunny and the Mo√ęt was flowing) 

-Telfast for Hayfever (nothing worse then having hay fever at the races with the horses kicking up the grass as they gallop by) 

-Bandaids- such a good thing to have for those blisters and knocks and cuts you may get throughout the day. I always without fail have a bandaid or two in my bag (Mummy must have). 

Priceline have brought the goods to the table on this one and love the fact they've brought the most important must haves for the racing that you may have forgotten to you. 

The thing I loved most about the Priceline Marquee (really there's a whole heap of reasons) but was the fact you can buy all the above at and more we're available there.

This was the first time that Priceline had a marquee and they smashed it out of the ball park if you ask me. 

Florals scattered throughout the entire tent, with the centrepiece being a beautiful hanging floral chandelier that was a throw of pink flowers. 

A place to rest your feet and relax with egg seats and big comfy couch. This is the ultimate place to be after hours of standing on those feet in heels. 

Makeup touch-up's weren't a problem either, Priceline had us covered. If you wanted they could even apply lashing, which in my opinion is a massive score! 

I think Priceline have raised the bar when it comes to General Public marquees and the others should walk in their footsteps offering race goers a totally different experience- almost like a taste of the Bird Cage.