Spooktober has come to an end // TRICK or TREAT ALTERNATIVE

This will be my last Spooktober post and all good things must come to an end. I’ve learnt over the last few weeks to appreciate Halloween and it has become a lot more fun (rather then just that American Fad)!

I would love to say that I have become acquainted with Halloween this year, but that wouldn’t be exactly true.

Keeping in the traditions of Halloween Trick or Treating isn’t exactly huge in Australia (well Melbourne anyway) but there has definitely been more and more of it happening over the past couple of years.

For me I have massive trust issues with my children knocking on complete strangers door as I just don’t know who’s door they are knocking on. Even with adult supervision you just never know. With the things you hear on the news these days, there are some real crazies out there that are capable of incredible harm on others.

Every single year without a doubt the girls beg me to take them trick or treating and when I say no they try their luck on Dad- of course failing miserably.

So this year I tried my best to rack the brain of how can I make this fun for the girls, but a safe fun? And I came up with an idea-

Trick Or Treat Treasure Hunt

What I wanted to do was create a series of little clues and hints that would have the girls run around the house looking for the next clue (and of course a treat with each clue).

The girls absolutely loved this and worked together getting through the little puzzles and rhymes I left hiding in easy to find places of the home (pretending to be ghoulish creatures).

Of course at the end you need a treasure chest prize that really wows them…. And this is where I thought of my master plan! It would be hidden in the bathroom, which I had to make sure none of my other clues would even remotely make them think to look in the bathroom.

When they eventually got to the last clue that lead them to the bathroom they opened the door and it was their very own Halloween Party bath.

As our bathroom is in the middle of being renovated I thought this added quite the spooky touch.

All I did to create this was get glow sticks and put them in the bath- I got some food colouring and used it in their bath for the spooky colour. I also made them their very own spooky bubbles and hung spider webs, which I got from the Reject Shop for something as tiny as $2.50 I think,

They absolutely loved this idea and the best news? I haven’t been asked once if they can go Trick Or Treating- WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER :p Speaking of dinner I better go get cooking.

For more decorating tips I highly recommend heading to  https://cruisetips.carnival.com.au/carnival-fun/halloween-decorations-to-die-for/