{HAIR} Dandruff Woes- Head And Shoulders

When you're sitting there on the couch having a super romantic movie night (this is romantic as we get after becoming parents- pretty much) and you look over to the Mister impressed with the stir fry he's pulled off for dinner. And then you see it, those white flakes on his black tee on his shoulders.

Then I start scratching my head, no idea why this is a reflex but it is thinking about itchy things on your head. For me it is anyway, I was reading the girls school head lice newsletter and my head began to crawl and I instantly begun itching my head like I broke out in the worst case of head lice (nothing there haha). 

So I went to the bathroom and begun scratching my head in the mirror along the front of my scalp. And sure enough white flakes started accumulating, yuck. I knew I shouldn't have used that cheap and nasty shampoo and conditioner that was at the back of the bathroom cupboard in a dark cave (obviously for a reason). 

Once I started scraping my scalp I couldn't stop until I knew all the flakes were off my scalp. Then I brushed my fingers through it shaking away the excess dandruff and knew I needed it gone and wanted it gone now (how embarrassing). 

So in the shower I marched my little hiney and reaching for the Dandruff remover AKA Head and Shoulders Shampoo and Conditioner. 

I have absolutely no idea how this works but it bloody works a treat, true dandruff destroyer. 

Like I don’t know anybody that has a bad word to say about Head And Shoulders and it’s the hair product my entire family turn to as soon as our scalps start to flare up.  I have been using Head and Shoulder’s for as long as I can remember, and if I remember correctly my Mum used to use it in a lather and get her credit card to remove my sisters Cradle Cap- working the first time.

The Head and Shoulders conditioner is only new to our family though as we only ever used the shampoo. But I am glad we’ve introduced it into our Dandruff hair treatment as I didn’t realise just how crucial it is to condition hair after a good wash and the flaking of the scalp is generally due to a dry scalp- Derrrrr Erin!

My hair has been so much healthier and just completely full of moisture, I didn’t realise just how dry my hair was until after I used this combo. I find myself brushing my fingers through my tangle-free hair just admiring the smoothness.

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