FOOD// How to make your Halloween Dinner a Winner

STUFFED JACK-O-LANTERN (Capsicum’s {Bell Peppers} with a Halloween Twist)

In line with my Spooktober Series this month I knuckled down and thought of idea’s on how to make our dinners a little more Halloween inspired. With the help of my local supermarket and brain (yes, it does come in handy on the rare occasion) I came up with a spookier version of one of our weekly meals.

4 Yellow Capsicums
1 Cup of cheese of your choice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Onion diced
500g Pork Mince
1 Tablespoon on Vegeta (optional)
1 Can of whole peeled tomatoes
1 Bottle of your favourite pasta sauce
1 handful of mixed veggies (optional)

Step 1-  Drizzle some olive oil in a deep fry pan and add diced onions. Once they start to brown add 3 tablespoons of water (this helps the onion to soften and break down quicker).

Step 2- Once onion has browned add mince and break up into small grains using a wooden spoon.

Step 3- Once Mince has browned add in the can of whole tomatoes and crush up gently with the spoon. Then add in the vegeta and pasta sauce. Let simmer for 5 minutes before adding in the veggies.

Step 4- Once combined let simmer for 10 minutes stirring occasionally. While your sauce is simmering this is the perfect time to start preparing the capsicums (bell peppers). I used a sharp knife and just carved triangles in the most flat side of the capsicum and then the mouth. I then cut around the stem at the top pulling it out and all the seeds and scraps.

Step 5- Place the capsicum into a lined baking dish and spoon the sauce into the top. Once “stuffed” sprinkle cheese on top and place the green stem part back on. Do this with all of your capsicums and place in the oven for 15mins to let the cheese melt.

And there you have it a ghoulish dinner of Jack-O-Lantern goodness.

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