BODY// Brand Focus- ecostore

Lately our house (mainly due to my change in attitude) have been making loads of small changes in a more natural and eco way of living. I started buying organic groceries and now our home products and clothing are slowly changing to the more environmentally friendly approach.

And as were still in the midst of renovating our house, were also looking at turning the colour palette and d├ęcor natural.

There has been a brand come into my life recently and I honestly just cannot get enough of- ecostore

I love the morals that ecostore live for as well it is safer to use around the house and having children I am a massive worry wart on these kinds of things.


At latest count, there are more than 84,000 chemicals in existence for commercial use with 1000 new chemicals being developed every year around the world. The problem is that legislation hasn't been keeping up with chemical development and long after they've been made available for everyday use, links are being made between some of these chemicals and health concerns like hormone disruption, allergies, asthma and even cancer. ecostore scientists evaluate and minimise the impact of our products on people's health every step of the way, from sourcing raw materials to end use.


ecostore use sustainably-sourced plant and mineral based ingredients over
petrochemical ones whenever possible and every one of their ingredients is assessed for:
  • ·      Sustainability
  • ·      Biodegradability
  • ·      ecostore carry out comparative ingredient assessments of every product against leading brands to make sure we achieve significantly safer ratings for the environment.
  • ecostore undertake independent environmental testing to make sure that our products are suitable for septic tanks and grey water systems.


Also one thing I learnt that I thought was absolutely amazing was that their packaging is derived from sugar cane. Reducing the purchasers carbon footprint as it capture carbon dioxide- as the packaging says even the packing is good for the environment.


Coconut and Vanilla by ecostore is honestly the best fragrance my nose has ever come across. I honestly cannot get enough of the raw natural scent that is ecostore Coconut and Vanilla.

So with my brand focus faves I want to start with those containing the coconut and vanilla scent.

First up-

Hand Wash Coconut and Vanilla {$5.99}-  I absolutely love washing my hands with this hand wash. It claims to clean your hands without removing the skin’s natural oils, which I’ve noticed it doesn’t dry out my hands, but whenever washing my hands I always moisturise afterwards.

Made from plant-based ingredients that gently cleanse, condition and nourish your skin without drying it out. Leaves your skin soft and smooth.
The skin is our largest organ and ecostore believe that what goes on it is just as important as the food we eat. And I believe in this statement so much, as our skin is an organ that takes in everything we put on it, so technically what we put on it were actually eventually putting in our bodies.

Second up is another favourite of mine, which for the past year has lived in my shower;

Body Wash Coconut and Vanilla {$9.49} – Another one that is made from plant-based ingredients and works to gently cleanse, nourish and condition your skin.

I use this wash every single day and can’t find a single negative comment. Again the first thing that sold me was the scent, secondly it was the way it left my skin feeling when I left the shower.

To be honest one of my favourite things with this wash is long after I finish my shower I can walk into the bathroom and my bathroom is filled with the coconut and vanilla scent.  

It doesn’t lather into massive amounts of bubbles, but having said that most natural products don’t. It still cleans like the others that lather ridiculous amounts of bubbles so it does its job.

Coconut Soap {$2.99}- Like I said above I am not a bar of soap kind of girl, that’s Mister M’s forte. But this bar is the only bar to have converted me to using soap bars regularly unless I am of course using others for review purposes.

With tanning season upon us I love exfoliating in the shower so that my fake tan applies evenly and smoothly. This soap bar has strands of coconut flesh throughout providing me with a gentle exfoliation in which I absolutely love.

Then there is the smell! I wish I could insert a scratch and sniff right here so you could smell the pure coconutty goodness that lathers like cream on my skin when using this bar. I honestly cannot get enough of the ecostore coconut and need a lifetime supply!


Last but not least is one that I didn’t actually think I would like, but in Winter it is one of my go-to home products. And I’m talking about the Laundry Liquid in Eucalyptus {$7.99 for 500mL} – This one reminds me of a cuddly koala who has been snacking on eucalyptus all day. I love the scent it throws throughout my house and on everything that is washed in the machine using this.

I generally keep this one for all the bedding in the house, as I haven’t quite found anything as good of a natural down to earth scent as ecostore’s laundry liquid. I’ve tried a couple of alternatives but they haven’t lived up to my expecations and I always go back to ecostore.

Anyone that knows me knows that we have a sensitive skin chickadee in the house (Hayley) and have to also be careful with what we wash her clothes with. Since using this on her clothes and washing she’s not had a single breakout, which works heavily in my favor. Being free of things like optical brighteners, phosphates and synthetic fragrances means it is kinder to your skin and is ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

The washing liquid also goes quite a long way and I am looking to track down the 20L bottle so I don’t have to buy some for a very long time as I love buying all my things in bulk. Just to give you an insight how far a lid of liquid will go-
 500ml = 14 washes
1L = 28 washes
2L = 56 washes
5L = 140 washes
20L = 560 washes

If you use any of the ecostore products I would love to hear which ones you use so I can broaden my purchases further then vanilla and coconut haha.
Ecostore has just launched in Chemist Warehouse, featuring the ultra sensitive range, which is great for the conscious consumer particular those whose families have sensitive skin or have a tendency to allergies. The nasty chemical free range does not compromise on quality and brings safer cleaner alternatives to your home. 


ecostore’s community fundraising initiative Good Soaps for a Good Cause.

Good Soaps is a healthy alternative to selling chocolates or holding a sausage sizzle to raise money for local community groups (i.e. Footy team, school etc). The soaps retail for $2.50 each, with $1.00 from each unit sold contributing to the fundraising team’s nominated cause. The SOAPport Kit is available for easy purchase online via the ecostore website.

ecostore has been blown away by the success of the campaign with a recent consumer survey revealing the following results from their Good Soap for a Good Cause campaign:

  • 90% of Good Soap customers successfully reached their fundraising goals!
  • 3 out of 4 Good Soap customers would recommend Good Soaps to a friend!
  • AND 4 out of 5 Good Soap customers found Good Soaps as easy, if not easier to sell than chocolate!