SPOOKTOBER SERIES// 3 Spooktastic Lunchbox Ideas Made Easy

3 Spooktastic Lunchbox Ideas Made Easy 

I am all about making kids lunches easy, but above that quickly. There is so much to do in the morning the last thing I want to do is be spending a chunk of time in the kitchen preparing and getting their lunchboxes ready. 

So for me the easiest way to combat the morning rush is to get their lunches ready the night before so all the girls need to do is load it up into their bag from the fridge in the morning. 

With October becoming very Halloween inspired these days I thought what better way to make this weeks lunches fun then add a little spooky swirl to their lunchboxes. 

Madison isn’t a fan of ghoulish scary creature though, so it had to be semi-cute for her, which means no blood or anything like that. 

So here are the cute and healthy creations we made for their lunchboxes this morning. 

Jack-O-Lantern Mandarins

These were the absolute easiest of the lot. Honestly so easy and yet oh-so effective. All I did was grab 6 mandarins from the Coles that had a little bit of the green still attached and those “pumpkin” characteristics, and drew on some Jack-O-Lantern faces.  The reason I got more then two is I figured if I drew a whole lot then they could just keep taking them throughout the week for the added extra spook.

The girls loved these and I actually even tricked Madison as she told me there wasn’t a chance she was eating pumpkin whole at school haha (I didn’t tell her otherwise, so she will be in for a surprise once she peels back those layers).

Dracula’s Ham and Cheese Coffins 

For me the hardest part was figuring out how to make their Rye sandwiches spooky without being to spooky for the little one. And in the end I just made plain and simple ham and cheese sandwiches’ and cut them into cute Dracula’s coffins. One sandwich was cut into two coffins so that not too much bread was wasted. 

I then just got black food colouring and painted on the RIP, as it was a little average without this small detail. The girls loved these.

Kreepy Fruit Kebabs 

The whole family had fun making these and they are a great after school snack also. We always keep cut up fruit in the fridge for the girl’s go-to snacks and will now make them little platters so they can make their own fruit kebabs.
All I did to make these creepy was get a skewer and carve in Jack-O-Lanterns into the banana skin. There are probably a million and one different ways to make these creepy but I wanted quick and easy. 

Then the girls just added their two faves- grapes and strawberries and they were done.  I trip off the pointed ends of the skewers though so they don’t impale their mouths or back of their throats.


You can also add in the Frank’s Popping Monster that I created here- but with my girl’s school being so strict with healthy food they aren’t allowed to bring these as they have chocolate on them.