Tried and Tested- Reef's new products

Ok so now I have been introduced to products from Reef I had no idea even existed! The other week I received a care package from Reef with products to try out for the change of season from Spring into Summer.

Now for me in my teenage years Reef with the epiphany of Summer and no Summer was complete without slopping on my Reef Sun oil and sitting out in the sun soaking up them rays.

You know when someone is wearing Reef as well as they have a very distinct sweet coconut oil scent that for me instantly draws you in. I used to look for a fragrance that smelt like the Reef oil and nothing even came close.

But little did I know while I was busy with my girls and not taking the time to re-light my love for Reef their range was growing rapidly.

One thing I didn’t like very much with the Reef oil was how sticky and oily your skin was when using the product, and then how bloody hard it was to get off. But now ALL my problems have been solved and my love for Reef has been reignited with the NEW

Reef Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 30+
RRP $10.99
Reef Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF30+ is a light non greasy sunscreen specifically formulated to dry to a powder finish. The lotion provides 4 hours of water resistance and a richly hydrating formula scented with Reef’s delicious signature coconut fragrance. Non-sticky, clean and comfortable on skin, the dry touch formula also ensures sand won’t stick to skin at the beach. SPF 30+ protects skin against UVA and UVB rays and is suitable for all types of sun exposure.

Those second two words are the key to this product and should have been around a VERY long time ago- but then again I would have bought so many bottles they would have been put out of business haha.

You can also tell this apart from the other Reef products as it is in a blue tube rather then a dark brown bottle. But it still has that amazing Reef scent that I LOVE and now I walk around everyday smelling like Reef, because if it was not because of the Dry Touch Sunscreen it would be because I have used:

Reef Coconut Body Butter
RRP $10.99
With Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Indulge your skin with this luxurious rich and creamy, tropical coconut scented body moisturiser. Infused with a cocktail of natural oils, butters, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to deeply hydrate, protect and soothe the skin leaving it perfectly soft, smooth and touchable. Paraben free.

It is very important to apply a moisturiser or butter after sun exposure as your skin WILL dry out and this is one reason your tan will not last as long. You know when you peel, that means your skin was seriously dehydrated and dried up and died- you want to avoid this as much as possible. Whenever I am finished in the sun or after a shower/bath I make sure I apply something to my skin, but this has turned into my favourite because of its smell.

I love that this is in a cute tub, but down the track I would love to see it available in a tube. And now it has struck up the idea of a sunscreen lip balm from Reef that smells like the rest of their products, I know I would buy this and be in love. 

This body butter is quite heavy but it does hydrate my skin and after 10 minutes or so it does soak into my skin and becomes less greasy.  So far this is my ALL TIME SUMMER PRODUCT!!

Ok, now sometimes I will admit I stay out in the sun for wayyy to long and/or forget to reapply my sunscreen. Which means by the end of the day I come inside and you could probably cook an egg on me. So I need something that is going to help my skin and help it fast, for me the product I turn to is-

Reef After Sun Repair Gel 150mL
RRP $10.99
Use coconut scented Reef After Sun Repair Gel to cool and soothe sunburn, windburn, razor-burn or similar skin irritations. Contains Aloe Vera and Green Tea to soothe, calm, moisturise and protect irritated skin.

This is the most amazing After Sun Gel I have EVER used based on the fact that it smells exactly like the tanning lotion and all other Reef products I have used. This from now on is the only after sun care product I will be using- of course I am more then happy to review other but by far this is my favourite and will be the one I use for the rest of my life (sorry bank account!!!)

So that is about it from me, you will see these products from time to time in my instagram/twitter feed as I will be using the heck out of them.