Some of my Fav Premium Spa Products

Premium Spa has just re-launched with new packaging and some exciting new products so to celebrate I will be reviewing a handful of my favourite products of theirs for you. I was not paid to make this post nor did I pay for the products but I do 100% mean what I say in this post, and all opinions are my own.

Premium Spa uses organic products and is a great way to bring the spa treatments home with you and help you relax under your own home. Now thanks to Premium Spa all I have to do is put the girls to bed, light some candles, pop some relaxing forest music on and let Premium Spa do the rest.

One of the main things that makes me love Premium Spa more then the current products I use is the fact that their products are made HERE in Australia.

The Premium Spa range contains a wide array of products. They make everything from body washes, body scrubs, moisturisers, treatments, masks and many more.

For my body I cannot go past the:

Premium Spa Frangipani and Coconut Sugar Body Scrub
$14.95 250g Tub

Tropical Indulgence... luxury Frangipani and Coconut Sugar Body Scrub with natural Australian Queensland cane sugar to cleanse and exfoliate. A paradise potion of pure shea butter, coconut and organic jojoba oils to soften and moisturise skin, all immersed in the sweet tropical aroma of Australian frangipani and coconut. Polishes the skin and leaves it silky smooth, invigorated and glowing.

If there were two smells I would be putting together it would certainly have to be these two. For me these two are my most favourite Spring/Summer smell and I just cannot get enough of them. If I was living in tropical QLD I would be sure to have a backyard FULL to the brim of Frangipani trees. I love the look of the flower itself but I also am in love with the fragrance.

I do much prefer a sugar scrub rather then a salt scrub only because I find a salt scrub dries out and irritates my skin way to much, whereas a sugar scrub only bring benefits to my skin. I love using this Scrub in the bath and will be sure to buy more once this sample has run out.
For my face the ultimate product from Premium Spa is of course the:

Premium Spa Wattle Seed, Walnut and Rice Bran SOS Wonder Scrub
$14.95 150mL tube

A softening and skin smoothing spa treatment enriched with multi-active exfoliators to polish away dull, lifeless skin. The soothing properties of certified organic aloe vera is combined with natural walnut shell, Australian wattleseed and rice bran for a supercharged yet gentle exfoliator to boost skin radiance and enhance cell renewal.

So to sum this up in something that is easy peasy for you to understand… This is a product that has had all the good stuff shoved in the tube and ready to use and give you amazing results. Usually I am not the one to rate facial scrubs as they make me nervous and I am always worried about how my skin will re-act. I have NEVER used Premium Spa products before being sent a care package, but after using some of the products I quickly grew to trust the brand and was more then happy to give the facial scrub a go. I call this my little Aussie bottle scrub up, as for me it has all them real Aussie ingredients added into it to create a very gentle but hard working facial scrub.

I only ever have to use this once a week and make sure I give my face a good moisturise afterwards, so this tube is going to last me a very long time.

And for an all over moisturise I LUUUURVE

Premium Spa Coconut and Vanilla Body Butter
$9.95 for 150g tub

So rich it should be fattening, this delicious cocnut and vanilla scented body butter will feed your sin without leaving any sticky residue. The natural goodness of certified organic macadamia oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, natural coconut oil and skin-loving extracts are lightly churned to form a creamy mixture to nourish even the driest of skin, leaving it soft and supple.

I literally use this product ALL over my body from head to toe- not so much on my face as it leaves my face quite oily, but if it needs super hydrating I use this.

I love getting this tub out when the girls are around as they will dip their fingers in the pot and help to moisturise my legs (like a free massage!!) But I always return the favour and give them a little massage each, which they love and most of the time will put them to sleep.

The smell of this product is beautiful and is one I LOVE as well, for me it is like the scents of Winter meeting those of Summer- a fab mix.

The last product I would suggest any of my beauties to try out is the:

Premium Spa Tangerine, Lemon & Lime Zest Body Wash
$49.95 300mL

Enliven your senses and bring your skin back to life as you immerse yourself in this revitalising cocktail of essential oils. Leaves skin feeling beautifully clean, fragrant and hydrated.

I love a body wash I can use in the shower and then, dry myself off and still smell the scent linger on my skin. To me this is a big thing when it comes to choosing a good body wash and this certainly is right up there with the best.

In the morning the scent of the lemon and lime zest is really stimulating and helps to wake me up and get ready for the day, it is also a great scent for Summer time. When I pop my eldest daughter in the shower (5) I always find her applying this to the loofa and scrubba dub dubbing away as she likes to call it.

I am really keen to try the frangipani and coconut version of this as well, and when I do I will be sure to let you know the verdict.

Well that is all from me with from the Premium Spa range but there will be more down the track.