Must have for Christmas Parties

Memories of Baker’s Delight for me have stemmed back to as far as I can remember as a child. My grandma would take us to Baker’s Delight for a sweet treat at the end of the week when we used to behave.  We love getting our bread fresh for Baker’s Delight (especially when they are just warm out of the oven!!)
The past few Christmas’ Bakers Delight has been on our table and apart of our festivities (and full bellies) even if it was our loaves of bread.  I was actually surprised when I went to Baker’s Delight the other day to find out how much a Christmas Range there was and how well priced it was.
Bakers Delight predicts that Australians will continue their love affair with Christmas classics this festive season with over 2.5 million Christmas Cakes and Fruit Mince Tarts expected to be sold in 2013. Over 135 tonnes of sultanas, 73 tonnes of currants and 9 tonnes of cherries will be used in bakeries across Australia.

Fruit Mince Tarts are available as a single (RRP $1.70) or in a pack of six (RRP $8.50).
Made with real fruit mince and encased in traditional short bread, Bakers Delight’s iconic Fruit Mince Tarts are perfect for sharing with family and friends in a pack of six, or to indulge on your own.
A little goes a long way and only a TRUE sweet tooth could get through more then one of these. We have them at our Xmas parties and only buy one person we expect to be there, and of course they aren’t for everyone and there are always left-overs.

Matt, the girls and myself love these and look forward to Christmas just for these to be made again and also a Croation dessert our Nonna makes. But they are very sweet as mentioned before and very rich and taste amazing with a dollop of whipped cream or ice-cream on top. In our house we have a little kids table at Christmas and last year we had icing sugar in a thin layer on top and a whole heap of edible Christmas toppers for the kids to decorate their own and either eat or take with them for later.
Bakers Delight Traditional Christmas Cakes are available in large (RRP $15.00) or small single serves (RRP $3.50).

Of course, no traditional festive season would be complete without Christmas Cake. Made with real currants, sultanas and fragrant spices and topped with delectable cherries, Bakers Delight’s Christmas Cake will bring back fond memories shared with loved ones from Christmases past.
This for me is a newbie and something before today I had never tried. It has been at Christmas parties in the past but never appealed to me and was something I steered clear of for some reason.
In my opinion it tastes like a fruity ginger bread man but so much more sweeter. I will no longer be steering clear of this as it is delish!!! For breakfast one morning I even zapped it in the microwave for 35 seconds to let it light heat through and it was amazing warm. I would say I actually prefer this in the microwave and warm then a cold cake- even goes great with egg nog.
Both products can be purchased from Bakers Delight bakeries across Australia from Thursday 21 November. Visit   for more information, or to find your nearest bakery.