Fun in Summer with my favourite ego SunSense products


A selection of great products that are perfect for the hotter seasons here in Australia. Ego for my family was a lifesaver when I went through a sensitive skin stint and then also when my youngest daughter became very sensitive to certain washes and soaps.

The range I am talking about that is perfect for Summer is of course-
Ego Sun Sense, which has quite a few different products but my favourites are:

SunSense Sport SPF 50+
200G $16.95

But is also available in 50mL roll-on, 75g tube, 125mL bottle and then a massive 500mL pump pack which is great value for money only costing $23.95.

The highly protective and moisturing SunSense Sport SPF 50+ is fragrance free to reduce the likeliness of the sun cream irritating your skin. It is also colour free, non-comedogenic, pH balanced, dermatologically tested and suitable for all types of skin.

As most of my reviews on sun protection you would by now know I have no time for SPF 30+ and LOVE my SPF 50+ and find it protects my girls and my skin more then any product used before. My tanning days are over and I much prefer to protect my skin rather then bake it all day long, and exposing my skin to harmful UV’s. This skin has to last me my whole life and in my teen days I cooked it way to much to continue my bad ways.

I like to set a good example for the girls and teach them all about being sun smart, so this is where I love letting them pop their own sunscreen and zinc on so they get a feel for it and know how to apply it properly. They find it quite fun and often will tell me off when I want to help them on their way, the only part they will let me help them is their face and back.

The formula isn’t very greasy but it also isn’t the least greasy product I have used, I do find when I go to the beach the sand will stick- nothing a dip in the ocean wont fix though.

The second product I love to use in partner with SunSense Sport is the:

SunSense Aftersun Cooling Spray
200mL  $7.99

SunSense Aftersun cooling spray helps to soothe and relieve sun damaged skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and visibly revitalised.

The moisturising product has an alcohol free formula that wont dry skin out and contains the antioxidants Grape Seed Polyphenols and Vit C to help reduce the signs of skin ageing.

After being in the sun, even if it is only for a little while I love freshening up with a spritz of cooling spray just to help rehydrate my skin and also make it smell nice. A little bit of sun dries out my skin worse then anything else and I often get confused for a snake as I turn scaly looking haha.

So there are my two picks from the Sunsense range, let me know what product you enjoy using both for yourself and your children.