Mr Tried And Tested- EVERY MAN JACK.

Matthew has been gagging to get back on the blogger front so I will hand you over to the man who knows all…. Well so he thinks.

Over the last few weeks I was introduced to a mens care brand called Every Man Jack. And I am so glad that Erin, well I had it sent to me as now I can take back my part of the bathroom which before today was ruled by Erin and the kids.

Deodorant- signature mint $13.95

Just by a nose. Our naturally derived deodorant provides long lasting odor protection and helps absorb sweat and moisture. All without the use of aluminum or other harsh chemicals, leaving you feeling and smelling fresh and clean. Ahh.

To begin with I thought I would never like this deodorant because I really dislike using a roll-on or any type and avoid it at any costs. But I did not mind this one at all as it didn’t creep me out and leave my armpits feeling slimy. I did like the mint fragrance but think I would much prefer cedarwood or citrus, for me mint is the smell you want in your mouth not under your arms. But other then this, it kept my sweat stench away quite well and got the thumbs up from Erin to, although she agreed on the smell and said I smelt like a Mintie.

face scrub signature mint $14.95

Sure, if you’re talking about the condition of your skin. This effective, yet gentle scrub deep cleans to remove dirt and oil, leaving your skin feeling smooth and clean. And in great shape for a perfect shave.

As you would know before Erin started her blogging journey I would never have thought about putting any product on my face except for shaving gel and sunscreen. But now I have a whole little regime I do at least once a week to help maintain my skin.

Another minty product that smells exactly like the deodorant but it doesn’t linger and hang around, which doesn’t bother me as much as the deodorant. It did leave my skin feeling hydrated and stripped back ready for a shave, and I will say I did not have one single nick when shaving as the scrub somehow softened my skin.

Now for me I love going back to the site and having a look and finding out a little more about their products, there are no tricky ingredients but I do see a lot of “NO’s”


I have already made a little list of the other products I would LOVE Erin to buy for me to try out.

So you maybe asking what on Earth is Every Man Jack and where can you get your hands on some?

Every Man Jack is brand guys can count on from head to toe. Natural products with no fuss, justgood quality stuff that will make you a hero if you already are one. No empty promises and no hidden nasties. Face, body, hair, shave, and sun protection products made with natural ingredients like signature mint, coconut, jojoba, ceadarwood, tea tree and citrus, with fragrance free product options available.

Available in selected department stores, health stores and pharmacies across Australia.

A full stockist list can be viewed here: