My favourite thing to do on Holiday's

Get closer to the sun at Skydeck this summer!

We thought to celebrate the first day of Summer in Melbourne why not Explore the city of Melbourne from above with a trip to the Eureka Skydeck. Located beside the Yarra River in Southbank, the observation deck is the highest public vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere and a spectacular family friendly activity.
Situated on Level 88 of Eureka Tower, Eureka Skydeck is 285 metres above the ground but only a swift 40 second elevator ride away. Take your summer school holidays to the highest level and enjoy all Eureka Skydeck has to offer including:
King Kong Experience

This summer is the last chance for guests to have their photo taken in the enormous hand of King Kong, which was famously suspended outside Eureka Tower for the premiere of King Kong Live on Stage earlier in the year.
When we did our round of the skydeck we saw this and my daughter was a little disappointed as she thought she would have been up in the air for the photo. But instead it was just King Kong’s hand in front of a green screen that they edit to make look like you are suspended. We purchased out Edge experience photo so couldn’t justify spend another $15 to have a photo with a green screen- it would be a great tourist attraction though.
Serendipity Table
Located on Level 1, the Serendipity Table is an immersive gesture-sensitive table-top that gives guests a top-down view of Melbourne and many of its fantastic land marks and attractions before they head up to Level 88.
Here is where we got our first taste of King Kong in broadway lights, as they have to light towers set up with the words King Kong cut out. But there is a massive glass looking screen that is laying down on like a laid down computer which you can interact with and click on all different attractions and landmarks of Melbourne. The kids spend quite some time here playing before we headed on up the lift to the top. As mentioned before you go from floor 1 to floor 88 in a matter of seconds, and you have an ear pop along the way- but it is worse on the way down as your head tries to adjust to the change in heights.
 The Edge
The world’s only Edge experience is an awe inspiring a 3m by 3m transparent glass cube, which slides out from the building, suspending guests above the Melbourne skyline. Patrons can purchase their official photo taken while out on the Edge, ready for upload to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This was something unknown to me and I loved not knowing what to expect. Basically you stand in a glass box with a group of other people, the glass looks frosted and you cannot see out. As the box moves out of the building you can see the light slowly creeping in, and then before you know it the glass goes clear and you can see everything around you and even allllll the way down to the ground (which believe me is sure to take your breath away especially if you have a fear of heights.) As I said before we purchased a photo, which cost $15 but turned out to be a great pic- the backdrop looks like it is photo-shopped in.
Outdoor Terrace
Enclosed by a wire grid, the Outdoor Terrace exposes guests to the elements 88 levels up. The Terrace is right next to The Edge, so family and friends can view those inside. Organising a family trip to Eureka Skydeck is easy with the online booking system. Visitors can select their preferred ticket type and have tickets emailed straight to their inbox for a more timely and convenient experience.Eureka Skydeck operates from 10am to 10pm daily (last entry 9:30pm).
For us the Eureka Skydeck is something very special for my partner and I as it is the first ever place my partner took me on a date (on Valentines Day none the less!!) And the Outdoor Terrace is even more special (grab your bucket) as this is also the place we shared our first little cuddle and kiss- Not a full on one just a peck.
 To take our kids up to see Melbourne from above where their Mummy and Daddy basically fell in love. The girls loved it up here, and unlike the first time there was not much wind AND it was a nice warm day. We actually had to carry them back into the building as they did not want to leave the terrace.
There are 30 viewfinders positioned around Eureka Skydeck helping guests discover places of interest across the city from the MCG to the Westgate Bridge to the Dandenong Ranges. The girls had so much fun looking into all the little peep holes and learning about where they were actually looking and finding out a little bit more on their home town.
Skydeck admission costs:
Adult: $18.50 Concession $14.00
Child $10.00
Family (2 Adults + 2 Children) $42.00 Family (1 Adults + 2 Children) $31.00
The Edge admission costs (additional to Skydeck cost): Adult: $12.00
Concession $10.00
Child $8.00
Family (2 Adults + 2 Children) $29.00 Family (1 Adults + 2 Children) $19.00

For general enquiries:
Eureka Skydeck 88
7 Riverside Quay Southbank Melbourne Vic 3006
03 9693 8888