Thank you Harry's Ice Cream You have created a MONSTER!!

So this weekend anybody would have thought it was some kind of ice cream eating competition. On our loungeroom coffee table were two tubs of Harry’s ice cream and within 5 minutes there were none, instead in their place were some bongo drums and spoons for the kids to play music with.

Matt had Pavlova in his mits and I had Sticky Date Pudding, before we knew it our spoons were hitting the bottom of the tub. I have never in my life finished a bowl of ice cream let alone a little tub, I was shocked… How many hours of walking would it take to work that little sitting off, but I didn’t mind as every mouth full was heaven and totally worth it!!

We had finished (well demolished these to tubs) and Matt gave me these eyes as if to say- the Raspberry Cheesecake had his name all over it.. But that was fine with me as I have never been a cheesecake girl and he was a-ok  to polish that baby off. He didn’t though, he saved this pot for the next day.

So going by the start of this post you may have been able to tell we got sent three tubs of Harry’s Ice Cream to try out and see what we thought.

Obviously my favourite was the Sticky Date Pudding. Hands down the best ice cream I have eaten in my ENTIRE LIFE. When you get to an oozey bit of caramel it is like a delicious explosion in your mouth that I could not get enough of. Harry’s are very generous with the caramel as well, you will find loads of liquid gold in your ice cream.

My partners favourite was of course the pavlova ice cream, demolishing his in just over 2 minutes (I should have made a video to post!!) I also tried the pavlova and I could have sworn that Harry’s mashed up a pavlova froze it and put it in a tub! This is like the real deal and there is even like little pav pieces throughout the ice cream.

Lastly there was the Raspberry cheesecake Ice Cream, for review purposes I did try this but I am not a cheesecake girl so I knew this wouldn’t tick any boxes for me. My partner on the other hand loved it and even through some fruit into the mix and ate it like that.

Each tubs carry 500mLs of amazing ice cream ready to eat and enjoy.

I have seen some other flavours pop up here in there like lamingtons but I am not sure if they are limited or if they are apart of their every day line.

All the Harry’s Ice cream flavours I tried are available at Woolworths and selected IGA stores throughout Australia and will only set you back $6.99

Better yet this product is made locally in Brunswick, which makes me love it all the more J