Daiso has some massive bargains ready to snap up!

Imagine being able to go into a shop and not have to worry about getting a price check, or going into a $2 shop to find there is only a handful of things that are $2 and the rest are above $5!! Well you can sleep in peace at night knowing at Daiso you will not pay a dollar over $2.80. Absolutley EVERYTHING is $2.80, from homewares to beauty products you will find it all. 

 Decking out your home with new wares has never been more affordable, thanks to Japanese retail powerhouse Daiso, whose impressive 1800 square metre Melbourne flagship store will celebrate its grand opening on the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth Streets on 28 November.
Every single item is just $2.80 – that’s better value for money than your average cup of coffee. Some of the products you would expect to pay more for a certain item but then there are also other products in there you would NOT pay $2.80 and are pretty overpriced for what you are actually buying considering the quality and all of those things.

Australians are embracing this quirky-meets-quality supplier, which also has Sydney and Brisbane outlets, recently-launched stores at QV, Chadstone and Caroline Springs and two more to open before the end of 2013. There are no complaints about slumping retail sales at Daiso, in fact quite the reverse: bargain hunters are celebrating!

Three awesome little buys that I think you should know about and def get your monies worth are listed below. I did however get sent these so don’t claim to have bought them myself in anyway, but a blogger friend and I popped into Daiso and this was certainly three of the best products I saw and the best value for you buck. Another thing I noticed when heading into store is how everything was a pretty shade of purple, including the baskets and trolleys!

Daiso Standing Mirror
$2.80 (of course)
This is one of those double sided mirrors that has a normal mirror on one side and when you turn it around it is more of a magnified side, which is great for plucking eyebrows and seeing things closely on your face (although it is not always flattering haha.) But I don’t think you could buy something like this from anywhere else. The only negative I have is the quality and clarity of the mirror is not very good, which you would expect from a $2.80 product.

Daiso Eyelash Curler $2.80
I know back in my curling days I used to go through so many curlers as the rubbers would always wear and they would begin to pinch my eyes and not curl very well.. But only having to pay $2.80 for a curler I could easily buy a new one every single month, and for how much you pay they are actually well priced.

Daiso Tweezers $2.80
Now anything under $3 when it comes to tweezers is great value for money but you really have to be careful when going with cheap tweezers.
Sometimes when you go cheap they can be quite crap and not pluck or grab anything so it isn’t even worth the trouble spending the cash. But I am happy to say these grip them brow hairs the first time around and don’t hurt either.

With Christmas just around the corner, there’ll be something wacky or wonderful for every friend and family member. To find out more about the innovative Daiso retail experience visit www.mydaiso.com.au

I am sure that you are now more then interested about where you can find a Daiso store, there are a couple around and their chains are forever growing. If you head to their website  below you will find your nearest Daiso