Australia’s number 1 nail polish selling over 1.5million units*
Ulta3 operates within the Australian impulse cosmetic market with products competitively priced between $2.25 and $9.95. The brand houses a large and unique range of colours, which gives pharmacies the opportunity to achieve high sales throughout the year, whilst also maximizing key seasonal times. For example, it is not uncommon for a store to sell 60 black lipsticks and nail polishes during the Halloween week!

Gold Rush fever nail polish
Sizzling red nail polish

I do love these polishes. The main thing I love is their price!! You could easily buy 3 bottles, for the price of one more expensive brand, say like OPI.
The only down side is that it chips quite easily, but hey its great for the price. Another thing I love is with the sizzling red nail polish I only needed to put one coat on and I was ready to go. They also don’t take long to dry which is great for those looking for awesome nails on a budget!! I will be buying these next time I need a good cheap fix!!!