Mum to Be

Mum To Be™ is proudly Australian made and owned. We use only the highest quality certified organic, organic and natural ingredients. Our candles are carefully handpoured using 100% soy wax. Our room diffusers are alcohol free. Luxuriously designed for the mum to be and mum to baby in mind, our skin care range is free of sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oils and artificial colours and fragrances.

Fig & Melon Baby Room Diffuser
                                             Price: $39.95
Fig and Melon Baby Room Diffuser 100ml
Our Mum To Baby diffuser is a clean and beautiful blend of Fig and Melon fragrances, designed to delicately and safely fragrance your baby's room. The stylish bamboo reeds gently release their fragrance for up to 4 months.
Alcohol free 
Natural reeds
Usage: up to 4 months.

This is the most amazing smell my nose has ever come across!! This is perfect for the house, we use this in the toilet on the windowsill and our toilet never smells bad! These can be used just about anywhere in the house, even safe to use in babies room!! Again I can’t express how amazing this smell is and how long the product actually lasts. I would recommend any mum wanting their house to smell great to grab one!!

Certified Organic Baby Linen Mist
 Price: $29.95
Linen Mist 125ml
Our Mum To Baby certified organic linen mist has a heavenly aroma of lavender, chamomile and rose to promote a calm relaxing and soothing night's sleep in a fresh fragrant bed. Our baby linen mist formula is non-drying on skin and can be used on your baby's pillow, sheets and clothing, as a perfume or as a natural air freshener.
Directions: Spray wherever a burst of freshness is needed

I use this on Madison’s bedding twice a week, it smells so beautiful and it really does relax you. I love smelling her clothes and linen when this has been sprayed. You only need a little bit as it last a long time. You really do get your moneys worth. Also another great use for this is to spray it on you change table cover as it helps mask them horrible smells when it comes to change time. It is very safe to use with little ones and no rashes have been caused down my end!

Organic Bath & Shower Foam
 Price: $29.95

Organic Bath and Shower Foam 200ml
This bath and shower foam relaxes and moisturises. Containing a complex of grape seed extract, jojoba and macadamia nut oil high in vitamin C & E, it is delicately scented with active top notes; aimed to relieve tension, provide deep relaxation of the body and mind and leaving the skin soft and velvety.

This smells brilliant, and is so soft and gentle on the skin. It is also very fun to use as it foams straight out of the bottle. There is no need to work it into a lather or rub it until it foams, the bottle does it for you. I love this product so much that the bottle is almost finished. I use this every day without fail!! A great product that every mum should add to their shower!! 

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