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A'kin Aromatherapy Orange Blossom Body Wash - 225ml
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Product Description
225ml. Feel fresh and energised with the help of Akin Orange Blossom Body Wash. Akin's Orange Blossom natural body wash is enriched with the concentrated nature of Orange Blossom oil that is combined with a synergistic blend of softening cleansers. Akin's natural body wash gently yet effectively cleanses through its non-drying, soap free body wash formula. Also free from parabens and sulfates, use Akin's natural body wash daily for sensuously soft clean skin.

Skin Type:
All skin types
Key Benefits:
   Soap free cleansing
   Daily use
   Silky soft skin
Not tested on animals

This wash is absolutley heavenly to the skin. It is so gentle and leaves your skin feeling amazing! And then the smell is so invigorating and fills your nose with a yummy citrus aroma!! I love this wash, the main thing I like it you only need less then a 20cent piece to clean your entire body!! I also love the pretty packing!! I also think that One Floor has made this product really easy to purchase and at such a great price. They take great care to make sure the products you buy get to you safely and quickly!!!
Great run company but beautiful people, their customer service is amazing!!

Bod for Bubs Bubbaloos Bum Spray
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Product Description
125ml. A soothing and calming combination of lavender floral water and essential oil, aloe vera and calendula extract. cleansing, cooling, healing, and antiseptic without being harsh on baby’s skin. suitable even for the most sensitive of skin, contains no alcohol
Essential Ingredients
   lavender water and essential oil - anti-infl ammatory, carminative, antibacterial/antiseptic.
   aloe vera - astringent, tissue healing, cooling
   calendula extract - anti-infl ammatory, tissue healing, antiseptic.
Interesting Bits
The romans used to put lavender in their baths for it’s antiseptic qualities; hence the verb to wash is ‘lavare’ in italian. keep spray in fridge in summer and use as a cooling, soothing face and body spray, or on insect bites to calm redness and itchiness the reason we designed this product was so we didn’t have to use wipes, which can be full of harsh alcohol and petro-chemical by-products. in fact we believe the reason bubbaloo didn’t get nappy rash is because we used it everyday since he was born.

So much I could say about this great product!! There is no need to touch bubs skin when it is already sore all you do is just spray!! I spray this on little Madison’s bum when she’s having free time with no nappy, she loves the cooling effect and it smells great to. I can’t really say if it did anything as my daughter cant speak but I do know she didn’t cry or anything when applying which is great!! This is really good for sore bums, even mums that have just given birth for a little relief down there!!! Again One Floor has made this product really easy to purchase and at such a great price. They take great care to make sure the products you buy get to you safely and quickly!!!