Island Sky Tasmania

Natural, Hand-Made, Goat's Milk Soap
Here at Island Sky Tasmania, we produce a unique range of natural, hand-made soaps. Our soaps are made entirely of natural ingredients such as goat’s milk, olive oil and beeswax, with fragrances created by essential oils and plant materials. Island Sky soaps are free of synthetic ingredients and additives.

One thing I absolutely LOVE about Island sky is they have a book on all the goats they have to bring you their wonderful soap!!! It’s amazing to read through all the details on these beautiful animals.
The second thing I love is how rich and creamy these bars of soap are. They leave your skin feeling like a babies bottom. And the glow and shine that this soap leaves is on a whole other level.

Thirdly the smell of these soaps are so yummy and natural, you can smell there are no harm chemicals in the bars of soap. And the aroma lingers gently on your skin through out the day.

These bars are gentle enough to use on your children’s skin, I just wouldn’t recommend using it on babies under one and it may just dry their skin out a little to much!

Island sky has a great range of soap in stock as well so there is a soap to suit everyone!!!

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 You will see their full range.