About Food For Health

At Food for Health, we believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day and vital in helping you get the most out of life. It’s this belief that inspired us to create a range of mueslis that don’t just taste great – they’re great for you!

Founder Narelle Plapp, graduated from the Southern School of Natural Therapies in 1999.
She found as a health food retailer, no supplier could provide her with wheat free mueslis that combined diet-specific needs and superior nutrition with uncompromising taste, so she created her own and Food for Health was born.

People’s awareness of food allergies is growing everyday, so the demand for high-quality products that meet their individual dietary requirements is growing along with it. This is where our passion lies, as Food for Health was created with these varying and sometimes complex needs in mind.

All our mueslis, including our new gluten free bars, are wheat, sulphur, dairy, yeast and cane sugar free. Our gluten free range contains no added chemical nasties, we only use sulphur free fruit, and all our products are peanut free and low in sodium.

Yesterday I tried the gluten free bar with cranberries made by food for health (life food) .It was really yum .I consider myself mind full when it comes to what my family and I eat. This bar ticked all the boxes .It was wholesome and nutritious full of seeds and dry fruit with no sugar. Very satisfying .All the family liked it, best of my daughter. It will definitely be going into their lunch boxes.

I then went on to try the cereal, after just having a baby and breastfeeding I can sometimes work up an appetite! So this cereal was perfect, its healthy and kept me feeling fuller for longer.

Bernadette xx

With the custard filled bars for little tummies (food for kids), I was surprised myself how delicious these actually were. When my one year old demolished this bar I had to try it for myself and sure enough this mummy also demolished the bar.

For breakfast I thought I would try the cereal that I had been sent, and I am still eating 7days on. It’s yummy and packed full of nutrients and pretty much to sum it up HEALTHY STUFF!! Mmm a breakfast cereal I would recommend to any mum!!  I tried the Fibre cleanse and it was my favourite. You can also buy the fruit free clusters, The gluten free muesli.

I also got to try the Gluten free bar, now if there are any mummies out there that have to have gluten free in their diet, I would 100% recommend you try these bars and muesli, they pack it full of yummy things so taste wise I couldn’t even tell there wasn’t any gluten in both the bars and muesli, great range and great products.
I know Food for health will be living in my pantry from now on J Every mummy should have some Food for health in their pantry also!!

Erin xx