For over 35 years, Manicare has offered a comprehensive range of quality, tried and tested nail treatments, hand and nail implements and beauty care accessories.Manicare was introduced to the Australian market in 1974 and has since maintained its market leader position as specialist in nail care and beauty accessories. With such a strong market presence, Manicare has also expanded internationally to New Zealand and parts of Asia.

disposable mascara brusher mix $8.95

Manicare Mascara Brushes include four disposable mascara brushes to help create four different lash looks. The four brushes are differentiated by their colour. Blue can create a voluminous look while boosting your lashes. Purple is a petite brush that can be used to reach the corners of each eye and perfectly coat the bottom lashes. Red adds extra kink to naturally straight lashes; the curved wand is contoured to sweep the lashes into a curl. With an hourglass shaped brush head Orange separates each lash, allowing full coverage of mascara to create longer looking lashes.

I love this great idea; now there Is no need for 20 bottles of mascara that all do different things! You can now just buy brushes that do them things and then throw them away!! I also love this for hygiene reasons, this is much more cleaner. Often when my sister stays over she wants to use my make up, now she can use my mascara and throw away the brush so there is no major risk of me catching anything! I know once I caught conjunctivitis from this and that was a really bad experience and gross!!

20 rectangle makeup sponges - $8.95

For a sheer, lighter coverage of liquid, cream or stick foundation, lightly dampen sponge before use. Do not use this technique when using oil based foundation.

Have to love the sponges; I am a bit of a mixed girl. Sometimes I will use a sponge and sometimes I will use my hands, depends on what look I am going for and what kind of coverage I want! I also used one of these to do the faded effect on my nails with the three different layers on nail polish and this did a fantastic job!! I love sponges and you can never have to many!!

silver eyelash curler - $11.95

Eye lash curler that creates natural curl to your lashes. Includes extra silicon rubber pad. 
An eye lash curler that gently creates natural curl to your lashes in one easy step.

My eyelash curler was very much on its way out. And then I received this FANTASTIC brush, which I love. Before I really had to clamp my lashes hard and would even sometimes lose some. This you only have to close it gently and hold, then your lashes come out amazingly curled up. I was so surprised how good this works, I will never turn away from this one now, it will be my forever curler!! It made me look like I had fake eyelashes (deadset) I love it!!! You can even get a plated gold one with I think is really awesome and very classy!!

retractable foundation brush $14.95

Manicare Retractable Foundation Brush features two-toned, super soft, ultra fine synthetic bristles that ensure a smooth, controlled application and even finish which is deal for application of liquid, cream, powder and stick foundation. This retractable brush comes with a secure lid so you wont make a mess or snag the bristles.

I had never used one of these until Manicare sent me out one!  The bristles on this awesome tool are so soft and I like just rubbing them on my face!!
Using this brush gives you a totally different finish to both your hands and the sponges. This is also great for all types of foundations. It really does let you control how much goes on your skin without working it deep into your pores!! I cherish this brush now!!