Kidspot Gala Awards 2014

Eh, Saturday night was just another day (well night) in the office (the blogger office of course). WHO THE HELL AM I KIDDING? No way known was Saturday just another day in the office, instead it was my FIRST EVER Kidspot Gala night in which I was kindly invited to (thanks guys).

I got the chance to frock up and show off what my mumma gave me, ok maybe not but I tried my best haha. It is not very often this Mummy ventures out in the world dressed up- let alone invited along to a very special Gala night.

I am just a small time blogger, so for me this was something completely out of my world- and to be honest I was a little taken back being surrounded by bloggers I LOVE and that inspired me to get behind the keyboard.

I got in quick with my photos, but trust me this room was packed by the end of the night

This years Kidspot Awards for 2014 were held down at the very prestige Sketch at the end of Central Pier Docklands.

My outfit from head to toe

Back to being dressed feeling like I was walking the red carpet at the Arias (YES there was even a red carpet- glamorous right!?)

Red Carpet Proof

On this particular night I wore my favourite dress, which I actually picked up last minute from Forever New. But after wearing it on Saturday it really has become my favourite as I have never received as many compliments on my dress as I did that night.

The accessories were all from Colette by Colette Hayman and same with my clutch.

All the amazing goodies from the night

Luckily for me I got to show my dress off a little on stage as I was a lucky duck and won the door prize, which was a beautiful hamper thanks to Garnier (thanks guys, loving the products).

The Garnier Goodie Pack handover. 

There were many winners on the night, but for me it was Aleney from BoyEatsWorld that had me in a bubblering mess. Aleney took out the Paint the Town Ford award and won some pretty nifty prizes if I do say so myself including a Ford for the year).

While receiving her award you could tell this meant so much to her by the passion and thankfulness in her voice. Then when she cried I also shared a tear along with the rest of the room I think!!!

WARNING: May cause blurry vision and invincibility (of the feet anyway)

My night was ended quite blurry eyed (very unlike me as this Mummy doesn’t drink) but somehow I did end up at the Woolshed for the after party even when my feet couldn’t take me any further.

In between two beautiful bloggers, on the left Mel from Melissa bubbles blog and on the 
right Maryanne from Domestic Divinity Blog 

This Mummy woke up with feet that felt like an elephant had trod on them, but heck it was worth every single penguin waddle for the week.

SAY CHEEEESE - Olympus is comin' at ya!