3B's Hits Daiso Flinders St Melbourne

Dollar, dollar bill y’all- well $2.80 in actual fact but eh close enough (almost)! Was that a giveaway with what I was doing the other morning… I’ll give you another hint, EVERYTHING is $2.80, no more no less!

If you haven’t guessed by now I was invited along to a beautiful breakfast at the newest and LARGEST Daiso store here in Melbourne, and let me tell ya that place is HUGGGEEE (and pretty in pink)!!!

Daiso has been around a while here in Australia but it all began in Japan where I do believe EVERYTHING is only $1, but for reasons such as shipping and Australia’s high tax it just isn’t possible to keep the prices down that low.

The first thing I was greeted to upon arrival was a glass of Apple juice, and then shown to a beautifully set table for around 10 people I think so very intimate.

To the right there was a stunning buffet filled with breakfast goodies, which were to hard to resist on my diet (although they were very healthy) I know how to keep my life at a healthy balance so treats here and there are great.

After we finished breakfast, we were guided through the massive store in two groups. Here is where we were shown the ropes and also products that would be worth our while, as well as best sellers.

I knew from the beginning taking me into Daiso was going to be a bad idea, and then when I saw all the Christmas goodies it had confirmed my thoughts on how much I was going to spend.

Luckily for all of us bloggers though, we were given a $50 voucher to spend until our little heart was content. But of course, $50 would not have been enough for my Daiso haul needs. I spend $73 all up I think, and walked away with many goodies.

As for their quality, as with everything there is the good and the bad. Some items I wouldn’t think would be worth $2.80 at all, but then there were some other items that were very much worth every cent. My attitude though is you get what you pay for, so for $2.80 if it breaks after a little I wont shed any tears as they are cheap enough to be able to go out and replace.

My Anime Portrait in the making

I also got my face drawn by an anime artist on the day, but I am waiting to have this sent out to me as the detailing and colouring in of these was outstanding and very time consuming.

Daiso is the perfect place to come when you are looking for those stocking stuffers at Christmas as you can really fun some gems in amongst the thousands of products on their shelves.

Myself and Evie from Evie's Everything Beautiful 

I wasn’t going to get these on this occasion, as I like to write a list of all the people I need to buy for before hitting the stores- but I will be returning to Daiso very soon to stock up.

Anybody would agree with me, that even if you aren’t interested in buying something, if you haven’t been into a Daiso it is definitely worth going in to have a little looksee.