Christmas came early for 3B's thanks to Ozsale

OZSALE is a online store I have been a member for, for quite some time now but never really purchased anything on there and kind of forgot about it in the end.

But with Christmas quickly approaching and me loving the fact I can shop from home and the postie knocks on my door and drops it off to me not long after is fantastic!

When I was given an opportunity to be able to test out the site and see how they operate and run as well as have my eyes opened to the bring brand names they get in their as well as all the bargains to be had. 

You know that moment when you have money but can’t find something you like, but if you didn’t have the moment there would sure to be a million things you wanted- well this happened to me.

Luckily for me thought OZSALE start many new sales daily, but there is a little catch they go on sale to VIP members first before the general public, so you have to hope and pray not too many things are bought in the pre-sale. Otherwise if you wanted to sign up to be a VIP Member it is $50 for the year and you are guaranteed first pick when different things come on sale.

Where I purchased from

The sale that caught my attention and in the end had me buy from was the Inniu, Catwalk & Be Me Footwear Sale. I have been on the hunt for some new shoes, but don’t usually buy them online as I like to try before I buy. But I just loved the look of these and couldn’t help myself and thought it would be worth taking the risk.

So I purchased 3 pairs of heels for a steal of $119, which had me picking my jaw off the ground. I then had to pay a mere $6.95 to have them delivered to me and in this day and age that is cheap shipping costs. So all up I spent a grand total of $125.95 and walked away with three brand spanking new heels, which each retail for more then $70.

Shipping and Handling

I do believe most sales come directly from the UK so take quite some time to get to you unless they state otherwise.

Usually the rule of thumb is they take up to 3 weeks to get to you. For me to get my 3 pairs of shoes I waited 4 days over 3 weeks, but I didn’t mind- I knew there was going to be a delay in them getting to me and I just wanted them for the Christmas period, which I now have.

Bookmark OZSALE in your computer, you’ll thank me later

I now have OZSALE bookmarked in my computer and check it almost religiously every single morning to see what new sales have been put up as everyday it is something different. I am now keeping an eye out for the girls and their Christmas presents, as there truly is some steals to be had!

Shipping was surprisingly quicker then I expected and didn’t think I would have my shoes until after Christmas as I am too used to dodgy online store who take weeks and weeks and sometimes even months as they come from overseas.

The Negative(s)

The only one thing I would like to see change is being able to pick if you want to see sizing in AU or not, as all the shoes are in EU sizing which I had to refer to a conversion graph. This is the only real negative I could find and it really proves there are bargains to be had if you search the World Wide Web.

Happy shopping!!