Coffee Lover Christmas Gift

Christmas morning usually starts a little frazzled as we fight our eyeballs open when the kids wake us up before the crack of dawn so they can see what Santa has popped under the tree for them.

So this Mumma and Daddy usually head for the kitchen first and make a hot cup of coffee to kick start the morning and wake our tired selves up after a long night of wrapping and helping the elves out.

The Dinosaur like kettle with the new addition

This year thankfully it won't be to click the kettle on, it will be fresh from a coffee machine as we now own our very first machine!

Nespresso Breville CitiZ&milk Chrome RRP $399

• Two programmable cup size options: Expresso and Lungo
• Integrated Aeroccino3 milk frother
• Power save mode after 30 minutes of inactivity.

You also get a bonus 16 pods, in every flavour or blend as some may call them. I thought this is a great way to find the ones you love, to be able to buy more of.

Now I can't exactly say this is better then any I have tried as it is the ONLY coffee machine I've tried.  But Nespresso is a brand I know and love, so it was fantastic to be given the opportunity to try out their new machine!

Christmas is less then 2 weeks away (9 day, gahhhh single digits) and I know this house is in a mad dash for those last minute gifts as we always leave it far to late and end up having no idea what to get anyway.

I know for a fact I'm not the only parent to kick start Christmas morning with a coffee to wake the system up, so what better gift to get Mum or Dad then their very own Coffee machine.

I missed a delivery so picked up the machine from my post office while on my way to my Nonna’s, so I thought what way to really test this machine out then on my Nonna as European’s know a good quality coffee when they have one! So Nonna said to me “Ohhh wow this is beautiful” in her strong European accent :-) She then went on to hint to me it would be perfect for Christmas for somebody… I wonder by somebody if she meant herself?

The Nespresso CitiZ is so easy to use even Nonna could do it and she doesn't own one piece of technology! All you do is put water in the back water compartment, turn the machine on and let heat up. You will know when it is ready to go as the lights will stop blinking, then you press whether you want a small or large coffee. Then while all this is happening you can heat and froth your milk in the milk part of the coffee machine, which I can confirm makes pefect fluffy froth each and every time.

First time use you have to press the small cup a few times to get the water flowing

The Nespresso CitiZ is also super duper easy to clean!
Just rinse and wipe. Take pod out by lifting lever and it falls into compartment below- slide our and throw out. Milk froth part actually comes out for an easy cleaning solution. You can also just let the hot water come out the spout to rinse and clean the system, it is also suggested that if you haven’t used the unit for a while then you should rinse out a few times before hand. All comes apart so no piece is left unclean, perfect for my germaphobe self.

I don’t care what anybody says, this would be a great present for almost any age and either sexes! If you are stuck for a gift idea this Christmas I am sure your loved one will not be disappointed – I would be more then happy to open one of these this Christmas.