Each year Mr. M and I say that for Christmas we wont get the girls toys (on behalf of Santa of course), as the family always spoils our girls and showers them with toys. But each and EVERY single year we go ahead and get toys that they have wanted throughout the year anyway.

The girls understand though, that towards the end of each year they must donate the toys that they don’t use or like anymore to a less fortunate child. I love that when we start throwing out clothes and toys at the end of the year the girls will pick up the toys and say, “ Oh some little girl will love to play with this, they can have it!” It just warms my heart how generous the girls are at only 3 and 6.

Funtastic have again this year brought out a great range of new toys just in time for Christmas. And having said that, each year there has been Funtastic wrapped goodies under the tree for the girls.

I’ve put together a little list of our favourite Funtastic toys for the girls and why we like them so much. Read on to find out who and what made it:

Scribble Pet Unicorn, RRP $19.99 

The new PILLOW PETS Scribble Pets are made from a special fabric that reacts to water, changing colour.  When children use the refillable water pen, they can draw to their hearts content.  As the fabric dries, their scribbles fade so they can start all over again.    PILLOW PETS Scribble Pets come in two much loved characters, Puppy and Rainbow Unicorn. 

My girls received the original first ever pillow pet from Santa a few years ago, and take them everywhere a nap may be required- like camping, in the car and even in the park.

I love the Scribble Pet Unicorn, as Madison is going through a drawing on everything phase including drawing on my walls with permanent marker. So I love the fact that there is a toy she can cuddle and is meant to be drawn on not her $85 Frozen plush!

Great plush to get your little ones creative side shine- after all they only cost $20 and would be perfect for any little boy or girl.

Rainbow Loom Bracelet Making Set, RRP $19.99

The Rainbow Loom Bracelet Making Kit contains enough latex-free rubber bands to make you and your friends 24 rubber-band bracelets.  Each pack includes a Rainbow Loom®, a Mini Rainbow Loom®, a Rainbow Loom® hook, 25 ‘C’ clips, 600 latex-free rubber bands and an instruction manual.

Loom bands are probably not as popular as they were a couple months ago, but that doesn’t stop Hayley from creating mass amounts of loom band bracelets- they should probably hire her in a factory (if it wasn’t called child slave labour that is haha).

I think I own more handmade loom band jewellery then actual jewellery thanks to little Hayley bumblebee.

They are very inexpensive as well and would make for a great gift for the little boy or girl who has everything, or you don’t know what they are into.

CHILL FACTOR Ice Cream Maker, RRP $16.95

Simply add your favourite ingredients to the frozen CHILL FACTOR™ Ice Cream Maker, stir and squeeze!  In less than a minute, you will have ice cream, sorbet or even frozen yoghurt. It’s that easy!  CHILL FACTOR™ Ice Cream Maker uses arctic freeze technology... The secret is located in the CHILL FACTOR™’s polar chambers. The all-natural cooling solution within the chambers employs a rapid freeze action, turning chilled ingredients into ice-cream in less than a minute.

We got the chance to try out the Slushy maker when it first came out on the market, so I was excited to see the range expand. The Slushy maker worked great but I was a little unsure that a thing like that could make Ice-Cream..

But alas, it really does and makes some pretty good homemade ice-cream. We like skim milk and soy in this house, so it was fun to experiment- Mummy even made some Coconut milk ice-cream (yummy)!

The actual amount you can make at once, is certainly snack size though. You would need a few of these stored in the freezer for each person if the whole family wanted ice-cream at the one time.

Flutterbye Deluxe Light Up Fairy, RRP $59.99

Flutterbye Fairies can really fly and now they even light up the sky.  The magic is brighter than ever before with rainbow lights that shine as your Flutterbye Deluxe Light Up Fairy soars.   J
ust give your Flutterbye Fairy a gentle whirl to see rainbow lights and skirts that twirl!   By pressing the button on her decorative base, she will magically lift off into fairy flight. Guide her movement as she floats just inches over the palm of your hand.
  If you raise your hand gently, she will fly higher. Lower your hand and she will follow your lead.   Your Flutterbye Deluxe Light Up Fairy’s beautiful dress is surrounded by a colorful aura of rainbow light. Delight in her magical glow as she glides around your room!
I remember as a child I used to have a pull string fairy that I would play with for hours and hour until my parents told me off for breaking something, or when it got stuck up in a tree.

So when I saw this line of toys, I knew I had to get some for the girls. I am very much the type of parent that whatever I grew up with as a child I want my girls to experience as well, as most things on the markets these days are either junk or not even really suited for children.

The fairy is beautiful, but I wont lie to get it to hover on your hand take a little practice and is quite hard to muster as a little one. But this Mummy had fun showing off and showing them how it was done.

One thing ours didn’t have when we were young is pretty flashing lights.  The girls go lock themselves in the room and shut the curtains so it is dark in there and play for over an hour with their fairy lighting up the room.

Anything that will leave a smile on my girls face is basically what I go with- I just like to see them happy and having fun.

Well that wraps up my little gift list thanks to Funtastic, thank you for reading through to the end!

Do you have some favourite toy from Funtastic, or even just a toy you remember as a kid?

These were mine :0)