Itty Bittys Hit the 3B's Headquaters

Looking for a great stocking stuffer for the little ones, or even the young at heart like myself? Well I have found the perfect little plush toys that double as fantastic Christmas Stocking Stuffers, itty bittys.
This year is the first year that this family is doing Christmas stockings, as the girls are a little older, and well just because we can. We don’t have a mantle piece or a chimney in the house but we found a home on our TV unit for this years stockings. 
Madison made her own stocking a little while back at the Myer Emporium grand opening, so that is her one and Hayley just has a temporary one until she makes her own.

Halmark itty bittys are a new range of miniature plush toys available in a range of licenced characters including Disney, The Avengers and The Wizard of Oz (so there’s something for everyone!). They’re highly collectable, and have been somewhat of a celebrity craze in the USA. They’ve sold more than 1 million units worldwide, with no signs of slowing down.
They retail for just $7.99 so won’t break the bank and make them the perfect for stocking fillers and Kris Kringle gifts. 
Cinderella Itty Bittys

In our house we were lucky enough to be given 4 Itty Bittys to play around with and decorate the house with. After looking at them, I am thinking I might get a bit of cotton and tie a loop at the top and hang them on the Christmas tree.

Santa Itty Bittys

But if the tree is not where you want to put your Itty Bitty, they weight at the bottom of the trunk of the Itty Bittys they sit up perfectly anywhere. 
My girls love their Itty Bittys and I do believe these will be the next Beanie Baby craze, only smaller and cuter, which is good for me as they don’t take up as much room as the girls 100’s of Beanie Bears. 

With Disney’s Frozen movie going absolutely crazy worldwide, Halmark Itty Bittys have come about with a super cute ‘Frozen’ range just in time for Christmas. 
Also just in time for Christmas there has been a release of adorable Christmas range featuring Santa, Rudolph and Clarice - with so many characters to choose from, which would make them some what limited edition. 
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