3B's Olaf Pillow Pets Review

Let It Go, Let It Go, my girls just wont let him gooooooo. Here I stand and here I say Olaf has saved this house a few tears.

Madison is 3 but during the day sometimes there are the early signs of things going sour very quickly if a nap is not had. It sounds easy to be able to pop your daughter down to sleep and they just drift off to twinkle town but it isn’t! Day light savings is my worst nightmare, as it is just so darn hard to get them down while the sun is still awake. I have found a product that every parent with a napping child should know about- PILLOW PETS.

Bellies Up

There is a super wide range of cuddly pals that double as a pillow, but just when I thought they could not have got any better, Olaf has found his way into the PILLOW PETS family. 

Waiting for hugs, kids will go crazy for Frozen’s favourite snowman, all soft, white and plush.

Freeze falling into stores in the coming weeks for RRP $34.99ea, you can find 16-inch Olaf in Target, Big W, Spotlight, TRU, and independent toy stores across Australia.

And just like all PILLOW PETS, Olaf is the perfect buddy – offering children a fun, play activity by day and a sleeping companion by night.

Fun and easy to use, simply open the tab for your pet to pop open into a pillow.  PILLOW PETS are machine washable and will provide years of enjoyment.

Madison takes Olaf everywhere with his perfect white sparkly snow like outer, and a super cute soft carrot as a nose. We have found the best place to take Olaf is in the car for when they fall asleep while the car is moving- the extra support for their neck is great. I now tell Madison if she will go down for a nap she can take Olaf with her to go nie nies.

He is a little grubby, as the girls got to him before I could take some "clean" snaps.

It’s a Pillow. It’s a Pet. It’s a Pillow Pet!

Remember, if you can’t find your favourite pet in store, check out the www.mypillowpet.com.au website.  Shops may just have the latest characters, but all your favourite Pets will still be available from the Australian Pillow Pets website.