Velvet Soap- Keeping 3B's Clean

I am one very undecided Mumma when it comes to products I use in the shower, one day I will love using only body washes and then others it will be bars. 
Here is my dilemma; some body washes are great, but then there are the ones that leave me smelling great but not feeling very clean. And when you have a shower the one feeling you want is clean! 
Then on the other end of the scale there are some soaps that leave you squeaky clean but not smelling very nice. Or too clean, to the point where my skin dries out and goes all scaly. 
So for me it is all about the balance and how my skin is left feeling afterwards. I have come to the conclusion that I am more then happy to be a bar and body wash lover- some days more then others. 
I have found a bar of soap that works an absolute treat on my body, both by smelling great and feeling great. The brand is Velvet, and they have quite an extensive range of products. Everything from moisturising, beauty bars, pure soap, sorbolene to goats milk.
My favourite from their range though would hands down have to be:
Velvet’s Goats Milk beauty bar.

I love this bar as it can be used on the entire family and is very gentle on the skin, but still gets in for a deep clean. The goats milk soap helps to replenish your skin, and I noticed it the first time I used it- no scales or flaking skin. 
The smell is very light, but quite different from the other bars of soap in the range and doesn’t clash with my body lotion at all- I suppose this is due to the fact that it is goats milk soap. 
These come in a box with two bars, where as the moisturising and pure soap come in 4 packs. 
Another soap from the Velvet range that is closely followed would have to be:

Velvet Pure Soap.

This soap claims to be formulated for sensitive skin types, which my eldest daughter has. So I was more then happy to try this out on her and see if there was any type of reaction. When trying new products on her, we tend to do a patch test on her thigh or calf to make sure there isn’t a reaction. After waiting a little too see if there would be a rash flare or bumps show up there was nothing, so we continued to scrub a dub dub. Hayley came out happy as larry (and also clean) without any upset to her skin, which I think is great. I now know a perfect bar of soap for Hayley to use, as there aren’t many on the market and she is the main reason for body wash in this house. 
The smell is quite strong, but a pleasant clean soap smell and reminds me of the soap we used to use up at the farm when children. So on a hot day, I will love using this soap and bringing back my childhood memories- never know it may have even been velvet soap as Velvet has been around since 1900.

So you might be wondering who or what is Velvet.
To finish off this review I will give you a little insight on Velvet : 
Velvet soap and beauty bars are made in Australia and extra gentle - so you know you can trust Velvet to care for your skin.
Traditional Velvet Pure Soap is specially formulated to gently cleanse, leaving your family’s skin soft and cared for.
For every day moisturising, look out for Velvet Moisturising Beauty Bars, formulated with the purest moisturising ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft and cared for.
Velvet Sorbolene Beauty Bars gently cleanse and moisturise the most sensitive of skin types, while the Goat’s Milk in Velvet Goat’s Milk Beauty Bars helps smooth & repair dry skin.

** These photos have been sourced from Pental's website as my SD was lost a little while ago and I lost these photos :-(