David Beckham INSTINCT Review

One gift that has never let me down is perfume or a fragrance. Although it is pretty much luck of the draw as a scent you may like may not sit very well for the person you are buying for.  I love getting a fragrance as a gift and you can never have too many in my opinion.
But generally I shop with someone else and always ask for a second opinion or even head to the Internet for reviews. 
More often then not I find myself in the lucky position where I am able to give my opinion on a fragrance with reviews and previews of fragrances about to hit the shelves. 
This time around it was David Beckham’s new fragrance, which I was hoping after spraying it David Beckham would magically appear. Not even going to lie, this is EXACTLY what I would expect David to smell like if he walked past! 
This fragrance was released in celebration of 10 Years of the Instinct Fragrance. 
The first thing that appeals to me with the entire Instinct collection is their affordability. 
David Beckham Instinct Gold Edition Eau de Toilette 50ml will set you back a mere $39.
The second thing is of course the appearance and packaging and I especially love the Gold Edition as the bottle looks like it is made of eye catching gold (I wish it was, although I am sure it would sport a different price tag if this were the case).

The bottle is very much like the other Instinct releases but with another cover. Even though the bottle is only 50mL it seems to be bigger for some reason.
Then there is the spray and smell test, I love this scent and love spraying it on him. When we first received this for review I made sure to sit it from and centre on his draws so he reaches for this when spraying. It isn't sickly sweet and isn't sickly fresh it is the perfect in-between, making this a great all year round smell. 
I am not very good at picking out scents or putting my thumb on one scent that sticks out from the others so this is how COTY best describes the scent- 

The fragrance opens with an energetic burst of bright and contemporary freshness, thanks to an invigorating blend of Lemon and Bergamot Oil. This is tamed by the stylish refinement of Basil Grandvert to reveal a manly confidence. The heart revisits the classic virility of the first Instinct, this time with a modern edge. An explosion of aromatic Cardamom, uplifting Rosemary and sharp Juniper Berries creates an unconventional fragrance personality. Finally, a sensual and precious hint of iconic Patchouli, timeless Vetiver and smooth Cedarwood creates an elegant signature.
I would encourage my viewers to head to a counter that stocks the Gold Edition and have a little spray and smell for yourself as I think this is a very broadly loved scent that I can’t see a male saying that they genuinely hate it. 
Have you smelt this fragrance and if so what are your thoughts?