Omo and Jif keeping my house clean these school holidays

I absolutely love spending time with my girls over school holidays and they love spending the time together.  This Summer here in Melbourne hasn’t exactly been Summery and I think I have been able to count more rainy days then nice ones, which has meant this family has had to get creative and find ideas for inside fun- which hasn’t always been easy.

The indoor fun also means nine times out of ten my house is left upside down and I have to clean almost every single day, rather then a full clean once a week.

There has also been an increase in washing as there are two little girls running a muck and getting quite dirty to say the least. This has been that my poor washing machine has been going in over drive; touch wood it doesn’t break down! 

Luckily for me I was given a great opportunity at the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch in Sydney a little while back with OMO and JIF.

OMO provided me with some of their Omo Ultimate.

OMO Ultimate is OMO’s best ever formulation, which actively lifts even 48 hour dried in stains so that you can focus on the moments that matter and let Omo clean up afterwards.  

Now, I know I was given this as a review item but as with everything I never sugar coat anything and if I don’t like a product I will let you know straight up or you just wont see it on my blog at all.  Since using OMO Ultimate I cant see myself using anything else as it actually works and does what it claims to do.

I gave it a few tests with fresh tomato sauce, day old tomato sauce and two day old tomato sauce (on an old t-shirt so it didn’t get wrecked just in case) and it passed this test with flying colours.

Madison is a grub and is forever getting those brown marks on her knees, and stains from god only knows what so it is good to be able to use a product that helps rid those stains rather then lock them in. I have used a powder once that made it soo much worse and locked the stains in rather then lifting and cleaning the stains out of the clothing.

I am all about beautiful smelling clothes, and love hanging them out on the line to dry and getting a waft of clean clothing and then when you are wearing them and they have that fresh clean, crisp smell. OMO Ultimate has a beautiful clean smell rather then a sweet or floral smell- the one I love J

The other product I was sent was Jif EasyLift Bathroom Spray.

This product claims to feature incredible Lift Action technology that specifically targets the toughest dirt. You will be amazed how quickly the spray lifts dirt leaving a sparkling clean streak free shine in one swipe.

I am very sceptical when it comes to bathroom products and removing soap scum and junk off my shower as I am forever scrubbing them no matter what product I am using. Some products however burn my skin and nose and I just can’t continue using them they get that bad and I cough and feel my oesophagus burn with every inhale. I have now learnt that any product that wants you to wear gloves, masks and other things like that will not belong in my house at all.

So when using this product for the first time I didn’t think too much into it and didn’t expect much either as these things are more a money making scam and just never work.


Well, well wasn’t I a wrong little housemaid! I sprayed this on the shower and left it for around 3 minutes, then jumped in to have a shower but with a cloth in hand.  I then just wiped it after I had finished washing myself and turned off the water to see the verdict.


I was really surprised at how well it cleaned my soap scum off, which for review purposes I didn’t clean the shower for two and a half weeks to really test this stuff out. Usually we keep a bottle of shower cleaner and a scrubber hanging from the shower and just clean it every couple of days.

Inside sparkles

Some spots though I did need to spray again and let the product sit on there for longer, but this stuff was built into the silicone/grout as the guy before us did some terrible renovations that we will just have to rip out and start again. So it was fair to say no amount or brand of product would clean this, unless I had a grinder and a mash hammer haha.

All in all both these products exceeded my expectations and I will continue to use them throughout the year and beyond.

For now I am back to the washing, my laundry is beginning to resemble Mount Everest.