Dyson Cool - Fuss Free Fans

Summer this year has been a weird one once again here in Melbourne and we’ve had some really plain old ugly weather days and then we have had your scorchers where it burns through your skin just to open the window (ok maybe not that bad, but hey it would if you were a vampire right?!)
For those darn hot days where the air conditioner just doesn’t cope with the humidity and makes everything sticky rather then cool, we need a little extra oomph to help fight the heat. And since we ripped the roof fan out last Winter, we cant rely on that anymore. 
A little while back I banned fans completely from the house as we had a close call with Madison using the back of the fan making her voice sound distorted and almost alien like (cmon I know you’ve tried it before). She had her hair down, and next minute a bunch of her hair was sucked into the fan and twisted up in there pulling at her scalp.
 Luckily we got to her quick enough and stopped the fan and were able to untangle what remained of that hair, while she was left shaken and with a slight bald patch in her hair. 
I am sure I am not the only parent who hates those fans, but are at a crossroad as you have to beat the Summer heat one way or another. 
The other night it was hot and just unpleasant to sleep in and usually we will keep the air conditioner going all night, without even thinking of the consequences when the electricity bill would arrive. 
So I had a genius idea (not that it happens very often) and decided that I would whip out the trusty Dyson Cool fans we received at a recent Kids Buisness BBQ here in Melbourne, which to be honest I haven’t stopped raving on about haha. 
The fan I was given for review was: 
Dyson Cool AM06 Desk Fan 300mm $449

Now I know this fan says it is a desk fan, but honestly I think they need to give it more credit as it cools more then just what is on the desk. 
This particular night we decided to put the fan in the girls room as they always get a lot of the sun and even with blackout blinds at night their room is the smallest and seems to get the muggiest. 
Never in my life have I put a fan in the girl’s room due to the pure fear of something terrible happening to their little fingers or body parts. I would never, ever let a child anywhere near a fan after what happened that horrible day. But the Dyson Cool Fans are my ONLY exception as they have no blades or bits the girls can hurt themselves on. 
Like I mentioned above this device has no blades and uses Air Multiplier technology to help power this baby. Not sure if any of this will make sense, but I have done the good old copy and paste to explain to you a little more about what the Air Multiplier Technology is:
Air is accelerated through an annular aperture, creating a high-velocity jet of air. This passes over an airfoil-shaped ramp, channeling its direction and creating areas of low pressure behind and around the fan. The change in pressure forces surrounding air to be drawn into the airflow, resulting in a powerful stream of smooth cooling air.
Not sure how this works exactly but it is cool. The fan will pivot to its own centre of gravity helping to keep it upright and where it should be. 
For some, the sound of a fan is all about Summer but for me and the girls it is an annoying sound that keeps us up; much like a dripping tap in an echoing bathroom. 
Dyson has made their Dyson Cool Desk fan 75% more quieter then your standard bladed fans meaning the girls and I can sleep peaceful at night and don’t have to fight the sound of a fan in our ear. 
Personally I can’t tell if the fan is a whole 75% quieter but I do know one thing, it was a heck of a lot quieter then the bladed fan we used to have- I was actually shocked at how little noise this fan makes with how much air it blows out.
The Dyson Cool Desk Fan also claims to use up to 40% less energy than the standard bladed fans. Again I can’t really confirm this as I wouldn’t be able to tell what % of our bill is the fan haha, but hey; I shall take their word for it none the less. 
There is nothing worse then having to get out of your comfortable spot to turn the fan up, or turn it to oscillating and all that jazz. So Dyson have come up with the great idea of creating a remote that does all that for you J Hurray for Dyson I say. 

The remote also has a built in magnet so it just attaches itself nicely to the top of the fan when you are not using it. But it you didn’t know it was a remote you would have thought it was just the fan, it camouflages that well. 
The only thing that comes close to being worse then having to get up to change the settings on your fan is having to get up during the night to turn it off as you wake up in a goose bump, shivering storm. The same thing happens to my girls so this feature really comes in handy, and eliminates the need for the aircon.

But again Dyson really had their thinking caps on when creating their Dyson Cool range as it comes with a sleep timer meaning you can turn it off whenever you choose to. I usually set it for 3 hours as it would bring me to 1am when I usually wake to cover up and warm up, so that works for my girls as well.
To sum things up with the Dyson Cool Desk Fan I freaking love this guy and can’t believe it has taken me this long to have it in my life! Every single parent out there who doesn’t buy a fan because they are scared about their children’s fingers or hair, this is your knight in shining armour I tell you! 
And for those who think that the traditional bladed fans are ugly and just don’t suit the house décor, well do I have news for you- Dyson also has you covered (woohoo).
Before I finish this post I have to let you know about Dyson Cool Desk Fan’s big Brother:
Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan Black/Nickel $649 

I actually won this beauty (very proudly may I add, thank you Miss Madison for helping me as well). Maybe right up there with one of the best competitions to be won. 
Us with our Prize

The winning Photo :-) Thanks little babe!

The reason why I wouldn’t have gone out and bought this fan is purely due to the price tag. But after learning more about it I began to learn that there is a reason why the price tag is high and that is due to the technology inside the device and because there is nothing like it on the market- well not that I have seen anyway.
Mr Dyson Cool Tower Fan is the big brother because, well it is bigger (duuhhhh) but it also is designed to cool bigger living spaces such as the lounge, living areas and if you have a big bedroom like ours the bedrooms. 
A Little Hard to see in this photo, but to the right is where our big guy stays to keep us cool at night!

Hmm.. It is a little tricky to compare the two as they are just so similar and I love them both immensely. One of the main differences I found was the tower does make a lot more noise and I think this is due to the fact it pushes out a truckload more air through it. 
It also looks a lot different to its little brother and looks like the taller, slimmer version of the desk fan. 
Don’t you hate seeing the brown dust gather slowly on your fan, I did when I lived at Mums and my OCD had me open up the fan and rinse it when I saw this appear haha. 
If you’re on that boat you soon wont be if you have one of these, as all you have to do is grab a cloth and wipe it down. No nasty wires, nooks and crannies to try and get into that is for sure; cutting cleaning time by more then ¾.
This fan unlike its little brother is even written down as being a tad louder, on the site it says 60% quieter… Again I couldn’t tell you percentage but you can tell the difference between the two.
I think not! Being bigger then its little brother I thought it would use a lot more power. But never the less this fan still uses 10% less power then your usual bladed fan.
You’re still in control with these fans as they also come with the nifty remote J
Well big brother, little brother what is your favourite? I think I will be starting a whole Dyson family in our home. The next thing on my want list, which I have told Matt (kindly of course) maybe he could get it for my birthday in March is a Dyson vacuum- I have been obsessing over them ever since getting keys to my first home.
Let me know your thoughts, and how you keep cool in Summer.