Dulux Door Project

I have had this tub of paint sitting in the hallway for as long as I can remember now almost turning itself into a door stop.. I had the intentions of painting the door over the holidays and revamping our bare timber door.

But as it pans out the holidays were chock-a-block and barely gave me time to enjoy some C.I on the couch! So as the penny drops we ended up painting the front door the weekend after school had started- no time to rest in this house I am afraid!

Dulux were lovely enough to supply me with everything I would need to paint my front door with paint to spare.

I am so glad to have had some assistance from Dulux as if I were to paint the door myself I would not have used an undercoat, I wouldn’t have taped the fittings and windows and to be completely honest with you I would have made a massive mess of an expensive door.

So the first steps to painting the door was to sand the door back making sure it was a smooth surface to paint on.

Then I wiped down the door with warm water to remove the excess dust and anything else that was on the surface that shouldn’t have been.

I then taped all the fittings and windows on the door to make sure paint only went where it belonged. I love this tape, and cant wait to use it on the edging when painting my feature walls- I can just tell it will cut down the painting time by more then half!

After everything was taped, it was time to paint the base coat, which was: Primer, Sealer and Undercoat. This is basically a thick white paint that helps your colour to go on evenly and smoothly while sealing the timber underneath so it will not be affected by the elements.

As I said above this is a step, without Dulux’s help I would have completely skipped. But I am so glad I didn’t as this is what really made the door come to life with the colour.

Which leads me to my next step, we applied two coats of the colour. The type of Dulux paint that was used was the Aquanamel ChromaMax Pigment range, which is ideal for doors and window trims.

The hardest part for us was deciding on a colour that would suit the house how it was now, and how it may be if we decided to render, which we don’t know if we will do still. 

After a while of umming and ahhing we finally made our decision and went with Namadji. 

Online on the swatching this colour looks like a dark grey shade, but once on the door in certain lights it picks up a brown colour. I actually prefer how this looks on the timber then what it does on the online swatches.

First Coat of Paint
Second Coat of Paint

Something as simple as painting a door can change the whole picture in the end, and just having a different colour door has added a whole heap of character to the front of the house. What do you think, yay or nay?

I knew this would happen as well, once I started on the house I would want to change everything! I am already nagging Matt to prep our bedroom wall so I can start painting it, start a feature piece in the lounge room, stain the deck, build a bigger deck, build a new walkway to the front door and the list goes on and on haha.

I’ll also aim to bring you a new Dulux Project very soon J Pinky Promise!