3B's is Going COCO for Cocobella Kids

Ey you, feel like going COCO with us? 

I had thought by now the coconut water craze would have well and truly subsided and be slowly fading out. But if anything it is better and stronger then ever, and I am not complaining as this household loves the stuff. 
Summer usually comes with litres and litres of water being drank and yet somehow still feeling dehydrated; I know this is the case for me. And no matter how much water I drink I don’t seem to feel much better, and that doesn’t go away until I re-hydrate with my ice-cold coconut water. 

The one major problem I have had with the girls is getting them to actually drink the pure coconut water, they don’t like the taste and it isn’t for everyone. 
What I used to do is mix the coconut water with pineapple juice or apple juice, the only problem with this is it turned a healthy drink into an almost cordial like drink as a lot of sugar was being added into it. 

So when I attended the Blogger’s BBQ a little while back (again here I go talking about the Blogger’s BBQ haha) I was squealing inside to find out that Cocobella was there. Then the squealing went to a whole new level to see that they were launching their brand new child-friendly coconut water with juice, making it more appealing to their taste buds. 


Cocobella Kids is a lunch-box-friendly and healthy coconut water drink for kid’s 
made from 70% coconut water, 30% fruit juice and nothing else, how good is that?!
I also love the fact that Cocobella Kids also contains 50% less sugar than leading kids fruit juices, which means those Prima’s that are now in my fridge can be replaced for a healthier alternative that the kids love. 

If that’s not enough then you will be happy to learn that there are:
no added sugar
no added colours or flavours 
and no additives or 

They are available in 200ml Tetra- Pak (BPA-free) and in two yummy fruit flavours- Apple Berry Breeze, Tropical Island. I love the fact that these are just 200ml as it means there is no wastage to be had, after all little ones don’t drink half as much as us. 


The girls and I put both flavours to the test, although the girls were no real help and said they were both yummy. I then asked what was their favourites and they picked one of each flavour up... Hmm! So I had to take this one into my own hands and give these babies a test out and try to decided if one was better then the other and if they did in fact taste different to the Adult range.

Berry Breeze- Certainly has a berry flavour to it but lets a lot of the coconut water flavour in still. I don't know if personally I like the flavour of this one as it reminds me of yummy antibiotic kids medicine mixed in with coconut water, but hey it may be for some. 

Tropical Island- Now this guy is right up my alley, and is something that takes me away to the shores of Tahiti drinking straight out of a coconut that has had a dash of pineapple and a squeeze of mango added into it. I love this, and sums up Summer perfectly in a drink! 

Cocobella Kids retails for $3.49 per 3-pack in Woolworths supermarkets nationally. 
Cocobella Kids is Australia’s first range of coconut drinks for kids, and I can only imagine all the other brands now working away at copying them. 
So I know personally the reason I love coconut water so much for my family and I is because they are rich in minerals and keep me well and truly hydrated throughout the day. 
Sometimes my kids can get real grumpy in the heat and just plain over the world, but I have learnt that 70% of the time it is due to them being somewhat dehydrated from running around in the heat. I know when I have been to the gym in the heat I skull down a bottle of Pure coconut water so I can only imagine how they would be feeling.