Target Back to School Recess 2015

I thought I would sneak in one last back to school post before school officially starts in the 3B's headquarters. 

Generally I am on the ball with things, but this time around with school starting back in only a couple of weeks I am yet to prepare my daughter for her first day back… Slack maybe, but I think I will refer to it as laid back parenting hah.

Hayley goes to a private school; so most things are paid for and come in her books pack. But as like most of the kids in her school they like to be different and have their own personalised things, not just the standard supplies they are given.

I remember in school if you had something different from the others you would stand out from the rest and everyone would ask me to use the certain item and all that.

So for Hayley, we like to buy everything except the textbooks, which are provided at school (well not even really as they are turning to iPads now).

Being invited along to Target’s Back to School Recess really gave me a boot in the backside to get back into school Mummy action and prepare my little girl for the year ahead. Although I would be lying if I were to say that she was enthusiastic about it, after all what 6-year-old little girl actually wants to be back at school.

The Beautiful set up at Stables of Como. Photo courtesy of David Cook

I was so surprised to see the huge range Target had to offer when it came to back to school items, as I have never really shopped in there for school items.

Target have everything from uniforms, pens, pencils, art smocks and of course the handy name labels.

One of the standout items would have had to of been their big range of school shoes that go to no more then $40. And you may be thinking that $40 with school shoes won’t stretch far, but you would have to see these shoes for yourself. I love they have been filled in the soles so there is no more cracking.

Hayley picking out her shoes. Photo courtesy of David Cook

We walked away with a pair of Target school shoes, so I will be very interested to see how these bad boys cope with my little girl’s busy feet- especially the gold old scuffed toes.

At Target’s recess there was plenty of things to do for the girls, and I literally had to bribe them to get them away from Stables of Como where the event was held.

First thing the girls did was taking a seat and have their faces painted, which may I add these ladies did the best face painting I have ever seen. I actually felt bad washing it off in the bath that night it was just that good!

Then they were a little star struck when they got to meet their number one idols- Elsa and Anna from Frozen. These ladies were lovely and more then happy to strike a pose with my girls.

Elsa and Anna also sat the little kiddies down for a very special story time session, where they read a book about none other then their close friend Olaf.

After the girls had finished (well actually no maybe they didn’t finish) we headed inside where we were shown the amazing school range from Target. I loved their uniform items and actually thought some of them were even better then those you get from uniform shops and school.

My girls with their backpacks, thanks David Cook for the photo!

The fun and treats didn’t stop there either! Madison, Hayley and all the other children there were given the chance to pick out a backpack and fill it full of school goodies to help them get back into their first days of school for 2015.

My beautiful girls and me. Photo courtesy of David Cook.

It was a hot day, and this may or may not be a surprise but by 11am this Mummy was pooped and was craving a lay down on the couch right under the air conditioner vent J Like I was saying above though, this did not come easy as I had to bribe the girls to leave. I had another event to make that night, so thought I would try and sneak a nap in. That DID happen but the girls also went down for a nap; with their backpacks next to them though, as they didn’t want each other to steal the other ones things haha.

My little Hayley Bum ready for her first day back in the office. Photo courtesy of David Cook

I would love to hear other Mummies and Daddies tips out there on how they make going back to school easy.

Having two girls 3 years apart, the hardest part for them is not getting to spend much time with each other and Madison my youngest gets quite lost without her sister there keeping her company and holding her under her wing.