Babymel Cara Hanging from my shoulder

Keeping it together as a Mum can sometimes be very tricky and I know from experience a trip up to the shop is not the same with a newbie as you have to take everything except the kitchen sink with you even if it is just to go up and grab some groceries quickly. 
You never ever want to be caught out with a nappy explosion or a puke that is more like a tsunami or it could be as something as simple as a bottle, dummy or a left sock. It is absolutely crazy just how much you actually have to take when baby heads out that front door. 
So if there is one thing a parent will appreciate more then the hottest new pram is a good quality baby bag that can fit all you need in it nicely, where you don’t have to rummage around for hours before deciding to empty out the bag only to find the dummy nicely tucked away in the corner of the bag. 
Babymel Cara Navy Stripe, $144.99
The Cara is made from a durable laminated cotton canvas, with a heart embossed wipe clean lining throughout.  Featuring over 5 compartments: a magnetic front pocket, detachable shoulder strap and built in stroller clips, the Cara is still able to retain all the functionality and more of a baby changing bag.
There is nothing worse then having to lug around a not so very nice baby bag, I wouldn’t carry around with me with a not-so-nice handbag so I certainly love keeping up with the Jones’ so to speak when it comes to baby bags. 

The Babymel Cara Navy Stripe is very easy on the eyes, and a durable like material so there is 0 chance of it ripping or straps falling off after a couple of uses. I love these colours as well as they are neutral and could be used on either a girl or boy, which may come in handy down the track when we decide to expand the family. 

As you are all aware, my girls are not babies anymore and don’t drink bottles or wear nappies. But they do go through changes of clothes as they are grubs at times and I always keep snacks and bottles of water on me. So a baby bag for me is ALWAYS left in my boot with a change of clothes, so snacks and even activities for the girls like colouring in books and puzzles.
The Babymel Cara Navy Stripe is great when it comes to compartments and space, as there is a space for just about everything and anything baby/toddler and even a place to keep your purse and wallet. 

We took this camping for when we decided to trek from our site and go on little drives, as camping made the girls thirsty and hungry so I had to make sure I had food and drink on hand at all times- and a change of clothes so they could freshen up.
When did you stop using your baby bag, if at all?