Passage Foods- Street Kitchen North Indian Butter Chicken

When it comes to cooking the 3B’s household is very diverse and can travel the world in a week.

One day it might be Asian cuisine, the next Greek or European and then one day we may just get fancy and try out new delicacies.

I am very lucky to have flexible children that are more then happy to try anything once and if they love it great, and if they don’t; oh well at least they can say they tried it.

We were invited along to the Kids Buisness Bloggers BBQ, where I met with a couple of lovely guys from Passage Foods who open my eyes to a new EASY, and quick way of cooking.

Usually when I cook it is from scratch as I know what is going in there, and it is just the European way I know I suppose. My pallet usually does the thinking and I just throw things in the pan or pot until it tastes right- I generally don’t follow recipe books.

But anyway, steering off subject again. Passage Foods have a couple of recipes to try out and one of them was a Butter Chicken and rice. I knew as soon as that hit my mouth that I would be going home and making that dish for the family for dinner.

This recipe came from the Street Kitchen range, which is only fairly new to Passage Foods.

The Instructions are on the back of the packet so it is super simple to cook- even the other half could have given it a crack.

You are then given three separate bags for different things, so you are more involved rather then just throwing a satchel in there and calling it a meal. The ginger and garlic are separate and then there is the herbs and base. I love this idea as you get more of a feeling for what is going into your dish. 

We love to change things up in this house, so for us we paired the Butter Chicken with brown rice for a slightly healthier version :-) 

There are a really wide selection and to find out what you could be cooking tonight just head to:

Passage Foods also have a really awesome competition on at the moment where you can win yourself a hamper valued at $100, all you have to do is head to the link below.

And there is always fun to be had on Facebook so check out their page to be kept up to date.