Murray River Trip 2014

There is a reason that 3B's has been missing for a little while now, and that is due to being cut off from the outside world.

The family took to the bush (The Murray River) for a week to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take in the serenity of the river like we do each and every year.

This year is was extremely hot with three super hot days in a row 35,41,43 and on day three of the heat we decided to pack up and leave as there was no escaping the sun and heat.

We love heading to the Murray River as there is no reception and no need for phones so it is an intimate getaway with the family where it is just us and we can bond and re-gain the closeness that is often lost thanks to technology.

Hayley and Madison can run free for hours, and swim until their little hearts are content. I love being able to sit back and watch them play with nature and let their little imaginations flow without the need of technology, such a great feeling.

Fitness came with me on my trip as well, and travelling with a friend who is also a personal trainer did help immensely with food choices and morning exercises.

The first morning of exercise it was going to get to 35 so we made sure to head out for a 4 km run nice and early. We also took a pit stop to work on core, and legs. The next morning though was set to hit 41 so we opted for a HUGE walk and didn't return for 2 hours and the heat helped us to sweat it out- but hydralite was needed when we returned.

The little video above was take on my GoPro Hero4 Silver, which my other half gave to me for Christmas along with many other things (spoilt Miss I know).

I would love to know how you spend the end of the year and New Years.