School Holiday Fun at Adventure Park

Who is stuck for things to do on the remainder of school holidays? This family found soo many things to do, we had a list that was longer then the Great Wall of China. And from this list it gave us something to do each and everyday and I think there may have been one day over the holidays we stayed home, other then that this active family hit Melbourne and surrounds.

I think one of the highlight places for us, which consisted of many giggles and loads of smiles, was Adventure Park just out of Geelong.

There are plenty of activities to do throughout Adventure Park younger children will love zooming around the Little Buggy Speedway, while older kids and adults will enjoy timing their personal best as they speed down the adrenalin-charged, 6-lane Aqua Racer.

For us though it was the Tropical Oasis that had is in line over and over again, we loved it and the whole family could enjoy a relaxing round around the oasis.  At times though I think they may have let a few too many people on the ride at once as it became a traffic (well water donut) jam.

We were warned before entering the park though that we had picked one of the second busiest days for Adventure Park, so delays were expected on most rides. I wouldn’t say the lines were unbearable but at times became quite busy but nothing I could complain over though as they kept things moving quite quickly and most parts of the line are in shade anyhow.

We loved the waterslides, and I think others there also agreed with us as these seemed to be the longest lines, and slowest moving- but never the less we kept coming back for more.  It was great as well, as we have two little girls (Madison is three and Hayley is now 6) and this time around they were able to come down the slides with us and enjoy all of the fun.

There are so many positives about our experience and I could go on and on, but a highlight would have to have been getting a Cabana for the family to chill out in when we weren’t roaming around the park.

To hire a cabana it it $79 but this ensures you have seats and a banana lounge to relax on all day without having to fight over a spot, as all the public spaces were taken including every patch of grass that was somewhat in the shade.

Also Advernture Park provides free wifi in zones throughout the park which allows visitors post all their fun Adventure Park photos straight to social media, while the designated smoking area outside the park means the entire grounds are smoke-free. We took advantage of this and were posting photos every two seconds and uploading our GoPro Hero4 footage.

Book a VIP Cabana, bring a picnic, hire a barbecue, or order meals from a variety of on-site eateries, and settle in for the Best Day Ever.

With so much to see and do, an Adventure Park unlimited entry Season Pass Membership is great value at just $79.95 and is valid all season long.  Family Season Pass Memberships are also available.

Adventure Park is located just over an hour from Melbourne and 10 minutes from Geelong CBD, Adventure Park. The upcoming season runs from October 31, 2014 to April 12, 2015; leaving you with plenty of time to make a day out of it and truly enjoy yourself like the 3B’s family did.