School Shoes Sorted thanks to Williams PLUS WIN!!

School shoe shopping and my daughter don’t get along very well as she knows this is when the holidays are coming to a close. Not to mention I thought I was picky, you all need to take a trip down to the shops with my little 6 year old- she knows what she wants and there is no changing her mind.

So it was so hard to know how to go about this, so I hired my sister to come along with us as she is still at school only completing year 12 not grade 1 haha. My hope was that Erika could add some positive vibes to the experience and that she did J Miss Hayley had her shoes picked within 10 minutes of walking in there, and that is quick on Hayley time.

The shop we headed into was Williams Shoes in Greensborough, I don’t usually shop at Greensborough Plaza so it took me quite a while to figure out where to go to get to Williams Shoes.

I myself was very surprised at the range of shoes Williams Shoes had to offer, everything from runners, heels, boots, kids shoes and then of course a huge range of school shoes, with all the great brands you’d expect like Clarks, Lynx, ROC and Colorado.

I’ve never purchased school shoes from a proper shoe store and usually head to my local Target or Big W to get them as I just have always thought shoe shops would be way over priced. But to my surprise they are actually really good on prices and when you go on a sale it really does sweeten the deal more so.

To be honest I liked shopping at Williams Shoes a heck of a lot more as they know what they are talking about in the shoe department and just plain have the time of day for you. The amount of time I have spent walking around the shoe part of Target or Big W waiting for assistance is shocking, and then when I ask what size shoe would best fit they just compare the shoe she has on and that was it.

Where as in Williams Shoes, Hayley was greeted like she had the cash to spend and was the main shopper, which I did LOVE.  She was then fitted properly where her foot was measured and then a couple of shoes were suggested to her. Then she got to pick the shoes she wanted to try on and then walk around the shop to see which was more comfortable.

I think all in all we were in the shop for a tops of 15minutes which was great considering the shop was super busy with children wanting to get their school shoes just like us.

Not only was the service speedy and super friendly, Williams is offering 20% off all Clarks school shoes and 50% off the second pair when you buy any Lynx, ROC or Colorado school shoe, so you’re bound to find what you need without spending a fortune.

Decisions, Decisions

Hayley got a pair of Lynx school shoes, that she loves and look like they will last the year through, so I’m happy too. The difference in quality of a shoe shop shoe VS your department store shoe is very visible and obvious.

Before I head off I will leave you with some great tips to help make school shoe shopping simple J

Williams’ Children Shoes, Category Manager, Patrick, shares his guide to fuss-free school shoe shopping:
•          School socks are often thicker than normal socks, so be sure to bring your child’s school socks and have them try their new shoes on for the correct fit
•          Shop in the afternoon - feet swell during the day so trying shoes on after midday ensures a better fit
•          Road test shoes in store - feet grow half a size when standing, so ensure your child tries on shoes whilst up on both feet. Have your child walk around to ensure they don’t rub at the ankle and make sure your child is confident with putting on and taking off the shoes independently
•          Check for size both length ways and width ways – good fitting shoes are important for the development of growing feet. Shoes should not feel tight and always ensure a child’s thumb width space between the child’s longest toe and the end of the shoe while they are standing.  The longest toe isn’t always the big toe.
•          Avoid the myth of buying a half or full size bigger.  An ill-fitting shoe will cause the shoe to flex in the wrong point.  This will create discomfort for your child and cause the shoe to crease away from the designed flex point resulting in a reduction in the life of the shoes.
For school shoes for any child and style, pop in store, visit or call 1800 101 285 for full details.

Hayley went from not looking forward to going back to school and now asks every single day when school starts back again. 


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Distracting Hayley with the company of my sister Erika made shopping SO much easier! What is your best tip for easing the pain of Back To School shopping?


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