I am going to be honest here, there was a time not too long ago I was super close to throwing my vac through the window- and possibly fractured my toe by kicking it as hard as I could.

The Mum (probably along with every women in the world) dislikes cleaning, especially when you turn around two seconds later only to find the kids have left it upside down and topsy turvery. And then to have cleaning products and as I like to call it machinery that makes life even more frustrating is a no go (and ends up in fractured toes)!!

Dyson is a brand I have recently fell in love with and this is not only due to the fact I have worked with them and my blog, but because their products do work like they are meant to.

The newest thing for me from Dyson is Dyson V6 handstick vacuum.

I have always used a lug around vac and for no real reason to be honest, as most of the surfaces in our house are floorboards and I usually sweep them. The reason I sweep them is my current vacuum scratches my boards, and the noise is almost like nails down a chalkboard.

All the little bits and bobs you get included in with your Vac!

So when Dyson reached out to me with their brand new Vac I couldn’t resist and wanted to see if there was a better alternative to what I have been using!

Before using this vac though I thought it may be best to speak to the brains behind the unit and see what I was going to be putting to the test, and where the idea came from.

So here is my interview with Archie Henderson Senior Design Engineer (who flew in from Singapore).

My first question with Archie was “ Where did the inspiration or the idea come from with a unit like this?”

It was based mainly around Australian feedback and the engineers. But then closely followed by Australian Mother’s who don’t need something big, and want a powerful quick clean up.

My next question was: “ When designing this unit have you designed it for a standard height or is the unit adjustable?”

The unit is not adjustable and has been designed to the standard size, but the head can be removed so that you have a handheld unit..

My youngest having breathing problems and possible asthma, is this unit safe to use around the house
and will it bring on allergies/problems?

The vac does have a HEPA filter, which is perfect for asthmatics or sensitive airways/lungs.

That was my interview, I did ask some more questions but I think it was important to keep this post simple and touch base on the more relatable questions.

I do believe they should design and adjustable nozzle or head so that it will accommodate all heights from little people to very tall Mummies and Daddies.

With the testing of this Vac I did make the biggest rookie mistake and try out the unit before even taking photos. I didn’t realise how tricky it would be to get the compartment where the trash and junk from the floor goes- but I did it.

Like I said above I was absolutely shocked at what was left in my carpet the day after using my regular vac. The dust and dirt that came out of my carpet, which to the naked eye looked spotless was absolutely gut wrenching.

I quickly continued to clean my carpets with the Dyson V6 and this is around the time I realised I should have taken photos before using it.

 I literally threw my old vac out the front door and into the St Vincent De Pauls bin and replaced it with my brand new Dyson.

Is anybody else revolted by the hair in this head, which my normal Vac would not have picked up?! 

I am honestly still sickened just writing about this at how bad my carpets actually were deep down in there.

The unit itself is very easy on the eyes and I actually really like the design. Do be able to just quickly grab it out and vac up small messes is great, rather then a massiv vac or worse still the broom and then half broom and shovel.

My carpets are now clean enough to sleep (and eat off) – we don’t though haha, that’s why we have tables and beds.

BEFORE- of course I made this for the                                                    AFTER- Clean and tidy
purpose of testing its ability!